Warzone data proves fan-favorite MW Assault Rifle outguns AK-47

Opeartor firing AMAX in Warzone Caldera

There are plenty of powerful weapons that you can use in Warzone Pacific, and new data has revealed which fan-favorite Modern Warfare Assault Rifle is capable of outgunning the AK-47.

Assault Rifles are perfect for medium and long-range combat situations, and Warzone features a plethora of great choices for players to try out, including the XM4 as well as the Cold War AK-47.

The Season 3 update introduced different weapon balancing changes, and new Warzone data has brought attention to a popular Modern Warfare Assault Rifle that might be the new long-range meta.

AMAX in Warzone

Call of Duty stats expert ‘TrueGameData’ discussed the impact of the Warzone Pacific Season 3 update on the game’s long-range meta while comparing the capabilities of different Assault Rifles.

When looking at these weapons’ TTK, TrueGameData pointed out that the CR-56 AMAX is able to bring down enemies insanely fast and actually outperforms the Cold War AK-47 at every range.

The Warzone expert claimed: “They’ve always been very similar weapons, but right now the AMAX actually kills a little bit faster than the Cold War AK-47.” So, you can use it to outgun enemies using the AK-47.

TrueGameData stated that the one issue with the weapon is that it has a relatively small magazine and low bullet velocity. While he considers the AK-47 a more consistent weapon overall, he recommended picking the AMAX as it’s “underused” in Warzone.

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The AMAX was one of the best Assault Rifles in Warzone until the arrival of guns like the MP40 and Automaton took attention away from the weapon. Now, the gun is a viable pick in Season 3, so be sure to try it out.

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Image Credits: Activision