Warzone and Vanguard players absolutely love the new Armored Titan bundle

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone vanguard armored titan

Warzone and Vanguard players are reacting to the brand new Attack on Titan skin that has entered the store, which seems to have redeemed the collaboration after the disappointing Levi skin.

Despite Season 2 releasing soon, Warzone Pacific and Vanguard are continuing their Attack on Titan collaboration with a brand new cosmetic in the store.

After receiving backlash for the first AoT skin, which players were disappointed with, the reactions to this new “Armored Titan” skin are looking positive.

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armored titan in Vanguard

As both Vanguard and Warzone receive updates for Season 2 preparations, the game also got another addition to its Attack on Titan collaboration.

The first collab saw a popular character from the Anime, Levi, added as an Operator skin. The reaction was not the greatest from the community, as many felt it was a poor depiction of the character.

Having said that, this new skin is receiving a much better response.

The skin is of an Armored Titan, which is one of the antagonists of the series. Players are loving the depiction, as it looks very similar to its appearance in the series.

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This definitely has players excited, as popular streamer and Warzone content creator timthetatman tweeted under the post saying “NOW THIS IS LITTTTT.”

The skin is for the Operator “Roland,” and also comes with a weapon blueprint for the Cooper Carbine called “Armored Strength.” As the Cooper Carbine is one of the best weapons in the game, this might be even more of a reason to get this bundle.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games

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