Warzone 2 streamers get death threats from players over Season 3 disappointment

Warzone 2 Soap Operator

Top Warzone 2 streamers and developers have been receiving death threats from players blaming them for their disappointment with the Season 3 update.

At launch, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 didn’t meet expectations for many players, so a lot rests on each update and April 12’s Season 3 was no exception. With movement and time-to-kill being major concerns, content creators who attended a developer call ahead of Season 3 shared their optimism for the update.

With the Season 3 update failing to meet expectations, some blamed content creators for overhyping the update and the streamers have called out those who have gone as far as sending them death threats.

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Popular streamer Joseph ‘JoeWo’ Wohala attended the developer session and tweeted “Warzone 2 is saved” following what was said in the call. With so many players disappointed in the update, JoeWo revealed he has received death threats since Season 3’s launch.

“Mind blown I’m getting death threats over a Call of Duty update,” he tweeted. “Was optimistic about an update that underperformed and apparently I’m the scape goat now.”

In a YouTube video explaining the situation, JoeWo said that much of what was said in the call didn’t arrive, making it the “most overpromised update we’ve ever had.” He also called out fellow streamers directing attention toward his comments.

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Another streamer, Hector ‘Repullze’ Torrez, said he has also received death threats since the update.

“Just wanna start off by saying y’all sending me death threats over an update is f**king weird,” tweeted Repullze. “Since the dev call I’ve said don’t get your hopes up and [I don’t know] what exact movement changes are happening. Some of y’all need to remember content creators are humans. You can say whatever you want about me but when you start attacking my partner in life is where I draw the line.”

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It sounds like it’s not just content creators who have been receiving abuse and death threats, as Shaniece, CoD’s Influencer Relations, called out those trolling creators, devs, and other employees.

Streamers and players alike have come out in support of the content creators and developers hit with online abuse since Season 3. While constructive criticism is legitimate, such as players protesting against “pay to win” elements in DMZ, sending insults or death threats is never acceptable.

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Image Credit: Activision

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