Warzone 2 Shotgun with ridiculous movement speed kills in just two shots

Andrew Highton
cod warzone 2 operators watching over map

Warzone 2 players can equip a simply devastating Shotgun loadout that will not only down in two shots, but according to CoD streamer Metaphor, will allow you to have ridiculous mobility.

Shotguns have always been a deadly weapon class in Call of Duty in the right hands. Warzone 2 is no exception as the battle royale title provides players with a few different punchy weapons in this area.

Popular CoD content creator Metaphor has shared a unique Shotgun loadout that is multi-functional in its setup. Not only is it a fast and furious Shotgun that can down in two hits, but it also grants a ton of speed to the user themself.

With Warzone Season 2 on the horizon and more DMZ content to explore, this might be a nifty little loadout to utilize in these modes.

Metaphor Warzone 2 Bryson 890 loadout

  • Barrel: 18″ Demo Firewall
  • Muzzle: Bryson Improved Choke
  • Laser: Point-G3P 04
  • Stock: Sawed Off Mod
  • Guard: Demo Dropzone Pump

“I’m not gonna lie, this Shotgun loadout took me by surprise. I’m gonna tell you guys, this Shotgun is frickin quick,” a rather excited Metaphor said.

He tinkered with the Bryson 890 and discovered some attachments he had never tried or even noticed before such as the 18″ Demo Firewall and Bryson Improved Choke.

Metaphor boldly goes on to say that “this setup is like running around with a knife” and “it’s actually crazy.”

The CoD personality recommends this Shotgun for Solos but doesn’t believe it will be as effective for multi-person modes such as Trios and Quads.

Attachments such as the Point-G3P 04 and Sawed Off Mod add a ton of sprint-to-fire speed, movement speed, ADS speed, and even better control over hip fire – making it an absolute speed demon of a Shotgun loadout in Warzone 2.

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Image Credit: Activision