Warzone 2 players find genius way to score easy DMZ kills

Andrew Highton
warzone 2 dmz operators running to helicopter

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode has given players a whole new way to tackle CoD and one player has discovered a cheeky tactic to score easy kills.

The concept of DMZ and extraction shooters has skyrocketed in recent years with Escape From Tarkov really popularizing the genre and winning over massive streamers like Dr Disrespect, and even Rainbow Six Extraction dipped its toes into the water.

Now, Warzone 2’s DMZ mode has fully embraced the extraction shooter principles by turning Al Mazrah into a resource-heavy playground for players to keep revisiting to complete objectives.

The truly exciting part of extracting from DMZ is when it comes to exfil the map after calling in an evac chopper. They are usually tense affairs anyway, and one player has found a way to ruin someone else’s extraction.

Reddit user SabersEnd shared a video on the game’s subreddit with a brief explainer of the content: “Quick Tip: The front of the Exfil Helicopters are not bulletproof.”

Their video showed that they weren’t lying as the user perched themself at the edge of a building, spotted an evac chopper on the ground, and proceeded to jump to the front of the transport vehicle.

Inexplicably, the player flew through the rotary blades without a single scratch and landed on the cockpit area. They then proceeded to shoot through the window and take out the enemies waiting to extract.

The top comment for the post was both critical and amused saying: “They f**king forgot making the helicopter blades kill players lol. GG IW.” Interestingly, another player explained: “The funny part is that in battle royale at least, my teammate left the large helicopter hovering, and when I returned from the Gulag I wanted to land on it. The blades did, in fact, kill me lol.”

A likely explanation is that the damaging capabilities of rotary blades apply to all helicopters in the game except for the extraction chopper in DMZ – presumably to aid your escape in desperate scenarios.

Either way, it makes for some dramatic finales and this tactic is probably going to ensure extracting parties will need to be prepped for any potential threats.

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Image Credit: Activision

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