Warzone 2 expert claims DMZ is “dying” and breaks down how to save it

Warzone 2 Operator

Warzone 2 streamer ‘Stodeh has revealed a few key changes that the developers will need to implement in order to prevent the Escape from Tarkov-inspired DMZ mode from “dying.”

When Warzone 2 first launched, one of the new additions that made it unique from other Call of Duty titles was the extraction-based DMZ mode, which is heavily inspired by Escape from Tarkov.

The developers have updated the mode since then, adding a progress wipe and the new Building 21 area. However, Warzone 2 streamer Stodeh feels that DMZ’s current state is in need of improvements as of Season 2 Reloaded.

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After having played DMZ mode for more than 300 hours, he praised the mode, claiming that it’s exactly what he had been hoping for. However, Stodeh feels that interest in DMZ has been decreasing, and the mode is in danger of “dying.”

He explained: “There is a lack of replayability, long-term progression, and frustration from solo players because of overwhelming PVP.” Stodeh urged the Warzone 2 developers to focus on improving the experience for solo players.

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player carrying hostage in cod warzone 2 dmzPlayers can carry hostages in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode.

He described playing solo against enemy AI as “hopeless.” Stodeh recommended that solo players should be granted a self-revive upon spawning as well as more rewards and reduced damage from AI opponents.

The Warzone 2 YouTuber then turned his attention to the insured weapon slots. He stated that completing missions grants players “no real rewards,” so players should be able to earn key inventory slots or a way to hold their items between matches.

Coming to the topic of PvP battles, Stodeh wanted the developers to incentivize players to behave, and he believed that adding a karma system will do the trick. This would award you for doing things like reviving players or giving away items.

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Other suggestions that he made in his video included adding more vehicle types to purchase and making AI enemies always drop plates for players to collect. Stodeh then expressed his hopes that the devs will “continue to expand on this mode in future seasons and games.”

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Image credits: Activision

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