Warzone 2 leak shows Plunder gameplay on Al Mazrah

Liam Mackay
Warzone player using Plunder Cash balloon

Warzone 2 players are desperate for the Plunder mode to make a return, and a new gameplay leak shows that the mode should be on the way.

Before DMZ and even Resurgence, Plunder was Warzone’s casual free-to-play mode. With respawns enabled and pre-picked loadouts, players were tasked with collecting as much Cash as possible. It was the perfect place to level up guns, and it garnered a dedicated player base.

Warzone players were devastated every time Plunder was temporarily removed, and then it completely disappeared with Warzone 2’s launch. No longer in Warzone Caldera and not featured on Al Mazrah, there have been many calls for it to return.

Following a leak that showed a Plunder-like emblem alongside Cranked, a new gameplay leak appears to prove that Plunder is in Warzone 2’s game files.

In a video uploaded by dataminer ‘CoDSploitz,’ we can see a player in the third-person perspective with the classic Plunder HUD in the corner. We can see the progress bar that goes from $0 up to $1m, seeming to prove that at least a rudimentary version of Plunder is in the files.


The Season 2 update arrives on February 15, and it’s finally bringing back the classic Resurgence game mode on the brand-new Ashika Island map. While leaks have claimed that Caldera’s Redeploy Balloons finally return with the new map, Activision haven’t mentioned Plunder.

Even if it is in the game files, there’s no guarantee that Plunder will arrive in Season 2 — or at all. The devs haven’t announced the Season 2 roadmap yet, but we’ll be sure to update you if Infinity Ward or Raven announces Plunder or any other fan-favorites mode returning in Season 2 or beyond.

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Image Credit: Activision