Warzone 2 fans call for Apex & PUBG feature to prevent frustrating disconnects

warzone 2 operator aiming down sights on zaya observatory

Warzone 2 players are desperate for the devs to implement a reconnect feature similar to the system in Apex Legends and PUBG.

Warzone 2 seems to be getting better and better with each update, as Raven Software continue to take the community’s feedback on board, adding features and making changes that increase the game’s quality of life.

That said, many still feel more can be done, especially when it comes to server connectivity. As well as players feeling as if the servers are negatively affecting the game’s TTK, now players are becoming fed up with disconnecting from matches.

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Reddit user ThatHartleyKid put a post up asking the question, “why is there still no option to reconnect?” Once you disconnect in Warzone 2, that’s it, you are no longer able to play that match and must find a new lobby.

As the OP explains, this is extremely frustrating, as “a match can last up to 25-40 minutes, and if you got disconnected once during that time, no matter if the fault comes from the server or your side, everything you’ve played up until your point will be in vain.”

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They also state that other battle royale games “have the option allowing users to re-connect,” such as Apex Legends, so “why doesn’t Warzone / DMZ have it?”

Users under the post responded with sarcastic comments like “they are a small indie company,” and “it’s coming in the ‘reconnect’ bundle. $20 for 5 reconnects.” Clearly, players are confused as to why other titles have this reconnect feature, but a game as big as Warzone 2 is still without it.

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One comment read “even PUBG has it.” Some claim that it might not be in the game yet for exploit reasons, as one comment said “people could potentially use it for combat logging.”

It’s unclear why Warzone 2 does not yet have a reconnect option, but hopefully, like other quality-of-life changes that were implemented since launch, a reconnect feature can be added soon, perhaps in Season 3.

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Image Credits: Activision