Warzone 2 BlackCell Battle Pass in Steam’s top sellers despite backlash

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 operator holding weapon

Despite the backlash over Warzone 2’s BlackCell Battle Pass add-on, the offering has featured in Steam’s top sellers.

Warzone 2 Season 4 has officially landed, introducing players to a heap of new content, including a brand new map in Vondel and a fresh Battle Pass to get through with new weapons and cosmetics.

When a new season starts, players are rushing to unlock all the new items up for grabs in the Battle Pass, and since Season 3, the devs have started to offer players another add-on to the Battle Pass called BlackCell.

This Battle Pass offering costs players more money, but it provides exclusive content and skins to those who purchase it. The steep price of the BlackCell offering caused the feature to get a lot of backlash, but despite all the controversy, Season 4’s BlackCell Battle Pass has topped the best-sellers on Steam.

CharlieIntel highlighted this, saying that “if people ever want changes, this isn’t going to do anything.” Call of Duty’s playerbase has been declining recently, and the community has been calling for change, but successful sales and the BlackCell doing so well may actually work against what players want.

Underneath CharlieIntel’s Twitter post highlighting the BlackCell’s high position on Steam’s top sellers, many are debating the player experience, as one person said: “It’s almost like the majority of people playing are enjoying the game and not complaining like the people who play or cover it as their profession.”

It’s clear that some feel the people complaining are a minority, as one user commented “I got blackcell I make my money, I spend it how I want,” while another said, “Who tf buys blackcell.”

There’s a split in the community between those who want change and would rather not spend money on products such as the BlackCell Battle Pass and those who are enjoying the game and are happy to continue spending money on it.

We’ll have to wait and see if Season 4 of Warzone 2 can maintain its playerbase, as it does seem like the devs are finally trying to bring community-requested changes to the game with an increase to the TTK and removal of AI.

However, if the community continues to pay for services like the BlackCell offering and other products in the store, some feel there will be no change in the dev’s approach.