Warzone 2 Big Bertha trick lets you get across water quickly

Andrew Highton
big bertha truck driving in cod warzone 2

A neat Warzone 2 secret is allowing players to use Big Bertha trucks to make the Al Mazrah map a lot easier to traverse and wins more attainable.

Tactics and strategies are always evolving in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 with players always finding new ways to make the game exciting – such as achieving a solo nuke using only melee.

Outside of crazy feats though, fans of the game are just as eager to make traditional gameplay more interesting and find new ways of surviving Al Mazrah. The existence of swimming and underwater gameplay has made Warzone 2 feel very different from the OG title, and it shows with the latest discovery.

In Warzone 1, if you so much as dipped a toe into the waters of Verdansk then you would be pretty much greeted with a death screen. However, Warzone 2 changed things up and made it so that players could not only submerge their whole foot, but go for a full swim too.

This has made for some sneaky underwater plays and given players more freedom in how they approach combat situations.

One overlooked aspect of water though has to be the combination of water and vehicles, because as Reddit user Netoxicky showed, Big Berthas can dip their tires in the water too.

In the user’s video, they showed themself barreling through a solid expanse of water in a Big Bertha, with the water becoming so deep that the monstrous vehicle was fully submerged at multiple points.

This did not deter the Bertha as it was able to keep driving on as though nothing had happened, even showing off at the end by using an inclined slope to drive over a tall wall.

When asked “can you breathe underwater when inside Bretha?” by a user, the OP replied: “Yeah, if the water is deep enough, there are spots in the game where you can actually stay underwater for unlimited time.”

On the other hand, a commenter pointed out that it seems insane that the large vehicle can sustain large amounts of water in the game, yet “a 4-inch diameter sapling will stop you dead cold at full speed.”

We’re not sure if this is supposed to be a deliberate design choice on the part of the devs, but in any event, Big Berthas can get you from A to B very quickly and it seems that not even several feet of water can stand in its way.

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Image Credit: Activision