Crazy Warzone 2 glitch lets players drive underwater without drowning

Hamza Khalid
Warzone 2 truck

Warzone 2 players have come across glitched locations on the Al-Mazrah map that make vehicles function like submarines that players are able to drive around underwater.

Vehicles can be powerful assets in the fight for victory in Warzone 2 as they allow you to traverse the Al Mazrah map and you can escape close calls with enemies much quicker than on foot.

There are also options available for traveling across the water, but these tend to leave you open to enemy gunfire. Now, Warzone 2 players have found a way to take cargo trucks underwater.

Reddit user ‘The-Weasel’ highlighted a glitched spot on the Al-Mazrah map where Warzone 2 players are able to drive the cargo truck vehicle off the pier and into the water without being concerned about drowning.

In the clip shared by the Redditor, the vehicle was able to drive around underwater the same way it does on land. In the comments, a few users jokingly called the truck in the video a submarine.

One of the comments revealed that there are other spots on Al-Mazrah that have this glitch. They explained: There are a few spots like this. I’ve done this before on the canal in the middle. It seems to only be the truck though.”

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Users claim that this trick can only be performed with a truck. A few players made jokes about what happened, with one user sarcastically stating: “Jack Sparrow had a hand in designing this truck.”

Many players in the thread made it clear that they were going to take advantage of these glitched spots. Since this glitch can give players a competitive edge, the Warzone 2 developers will probably patch it up in a future update.

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Image credits: Activision

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