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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2 player suffers “quickest death in history” during opening plane cutscene

An astonishing Warzone 2 video showed one unfortunate player succumb to death before they even got out of the game’s opening cutscene.



warzone 2 starting plane flying

The fastest-ever Warzone 2 death may have been recorded after one player was killed as their character went through the warm-up cutscene in the plane flying over Al Mazrah.

With so many working parts and multiple teams working on the game, in addition to Warzone 2’s size, content, and features, it mean that the game can be subject to issues at times.

Activision’s battle royale shooter is the follow-up to the popular Warzone, but some of the same problems have crossed over into the sequel. Game-breaking invisibility glitches and players dying without doing anything wrong are just some examples of this.

The latter of these examples tend to produce the most mystifying videos as it can leave players wondering if these unfortunate circumstances will befoul them too. However, a new clip may leave players wondering if they’ll even get out of the opening cutscene in Warzone 2.

One Warzone 2 subreddit user claimed to the forum that they suffered the “Quickest death in Warzone history.”

It’s quite hard to argue too as the clip immediately started in the pre-game plane cutscene, following the pre-lobby matchmaking, and followed the player’s Operator walking around getting ready to deploy.

However, if you look closely, you can see early on that once it cut to the player’s skin, a grenade indicator appears on the screen.

The Operator began walking toward the exit of the plane and all of a sudden an explosion went off and seemingly defeated the Operator. Although you’d imagine this was a weird glitch that took place, the player might still have a chance to enter the game anyway.

Apparently not. After a few seconds, the killcam appeared and showed the plane flying towards the screen still.

Most of the comments found the footage to be “hilarious” and one user said: “My friend and I saw a Semtex icon and saw an explosion a few days ago during the intro, this is ridiculous.”

Another player joked: “The TTK is insane in this game.”

There is nothing official, but this certainly has to be a contender for the quickest-ever Warzone death whether it’s the OG game, or Warzone 2.

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Image Credit: Activision