Vikkstar hits back at claims he quit Warzone because he was cheating

Liam Mackay
Vikkstar laughs at cheating accusations

After content creator and internet celebrity Vikram “Vikkstar” Singh Barn quit Warzone because of the abundance of cheaters, he squashed theories that he was also cheating.

When Warzone was first launched in March 2020, Vikkstar dominated competitive Warzone, winning three Warzone Wednesday tournaments in a row.

Since then, Vikkstar has become the co-owner of CDL team the London Royale Ravens.

On January 30, Vikkstar posted a YouTube video explaining why he quit Warzone. Creating content for a game where the player base “is now so saturated with hackers” was too stressful, so he’s taking a break until it’s fixed.

This news went worldwide, being covered by major non-gaming focused news organizations.

Now, Vikkstar has been accused of leaving Warzone because he was hacking and will soon be caught.

“There have been a good few people in my mentions convinced that I have been hacking on Warzone,” explained Vikkstar. “And the reason I stopped posting is because I was afraid I would be caught and banned.”

“It’s both hilarious & terrifying how small-minded people can be,” he hit back. “Love a conspiracy theory.”

With Vikkstar being a partnered Call of Duty creator with his gameplay being watched by millions of viewers, it would be next to impossible for him to get away with cheating.

The amount of scrutiny that streamers can receive was demonstrated when a small streamer had some suspicious clips in the Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament, he was disqualified. 100 Thieves pro-player Tommey looked through his PC live on stream but after being unable to find incriminating evidence, Tommey apologized.

Vikkstar london royale ravens

A fan joked with Vikkstar, telling him “with your aim recently there is no way you’re hacking.”

Vikkstar agreed, replying “Facts. I’m not top tier and I’m very much okay with it.”

As a Call of Duty partner, Vikkstar has confirmed that he is in talks with Activision regarding the cheating problem. Since then, Activision announced they have permanently banned 60,000 cheaters and has promised to improve their in-game anti-cheat system.

Image Credit: Vikkstar / Activision

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