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Call of Duty League

Vikkstar becomes co-owner of CDL team London Royal Ravens

Famous Youtuber‘ Vikkstar’ has been made co-owner of the London Royal Ravens Call of Duty League franchise.



UK YouTube personality Vikram ‘Vikkstar’ Singh Barn is the new face of the London Royal Ravens Call of Duty League franchise.

YouTuber Vikram “Vikkstar” Singh Barn has been a big name Call of Duty community for a decade now. His face stemmed from his initial Modern Warfare 2 videos which gained immense popularity. He currently has a fanbase of over 12 million and holds the the Quads world record in Warzone kills.

The Sidemen collective founder and influencer has now been made the co-owner of the London Royal Ravens’ by their parent company ReKTGlobal. This decision follows the company’s $35 million funding from Summit Partners in October 2020.

His new responsibilities range from new content formats, merchandise and promotional activations to hosting esports competitions and Call of Duty: Warzone events. Many of the esport competitions will be ReKTGlobal tournaments.

“Evolving from fan to co-owner is not something I thought I would ever accomplish,” Vikkstar said. “When I started streaming, I set out to be competitive, produce fun content and create a community. 10 years later, I’ll now apply that same passion in support of my local team, The Royal Ravens. Can’t wait to see how fans respond to all the exciting plans we have ahead.”

As a London Local, Vikram has been aware of the Royal Ravens since their launch.

The choice to recruit him is meant to help spread the company’s influence to the COD fanbase in the UK since Vikkstar is based in London. he will also co-stream the franchise’s matches throughout the upcoming season and competing in League Warzone tournaments.

“As I become a co-owner, I’ll be applying the same passion I have towards building my community, to supporting the Royal Ravens as they compete in the Call of Duty league. [I] can’t wait to see how fans react to all the fun content we have planned. I’m lucky to have a large community that’s always excited to see me compete and produce new content.  With the Royal Ravens by my side, we’ll do just that. I’m looking forward to training with the team, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at its operation, and introducing the Royal Ravens family to a global audience.” 

ReKTGlobal CEO Dave Bialek said, “Vikkstar is the rarest of the rare in the streaming world with his passion for streaming, entrepreneurial spirit, engaging personality and diverse audience profile, we instantly knew he was the only choice to serve as the face of the London Royal Ravens. As we plan on doubling down on our efforts to grow the London Royal Ravens brand, we’re looking to his guidance to lead us into the 2021 Call of Duty League season and the development of content that resonates with our diverse and rapidly growing fanbase in London, and throughout the world.”

The precise details of this decision haven’t been made public knowledge. It is not known at this point how much his ownership share will be, but Vikram has expressed great enthusiasm at being chosen for this opportunity.