Vanguard & Warzone Season 2 content & roadmap revealed: New weapons, maps, modes, more

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Vanguard & Warzone Season 2 content & roadmap

Season 2 of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific is expected to release on February 14 and the new Season 2 roadmap has offered a glimpse at what players can expect.

Players are eager to discover how Warzone gameplay will expand on the massive changes that Season 1 brought to the table. The Season 2 roadmap has confirmed new POIs, new Warzone modes, and new weapons.

Those same new weapons can be found in Vanguard as a ton of new content is set to shake up both Multiplayer and Zombies.

Here’s more on the roadmap and everything you need to know about Warzone and Vanguard Season 2.

Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Season 2 roadmap

Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Season 2 roadmap

Players can expect to access Season Two content on February 14, following updates to Vanguard and Warzone. 

Vanguard’s update is scheduled for February 10 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET. Meanwhile, Warzone is scheduled to shut down its servers from February 14 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM EST to prepare for Warzone Pacific Season 2.

New content coming to Vanguard and Warzone Season 2

Season 2 warzone and vanguard new operators

An elite trio who joined Butcher in a high-risk — and even higher-altitude — raid for Nebula V, Task Force Yeti is the seventh Special Operations group out of Vanguard’s forerunners for tactical warfare.

Each brings its own favored weapon and background to the front lines, with Austrian assaulter Anna Drake leading the pack via Season Two’s Battle Pass.

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Anna Drake (Launch)

Anna Drake Operator

This soldier takes justice into her own hands.

Anna fights for vengeance and plans to release her fury on those who murdered all she loved. She protects the vulnerable, taking on their trauma to fuel and direct her rage.

Her expertise in the Alps is built on years of hunting and defending her people, making her a prime leader for Butcher’s latest task force.

Thomas Bolt (In-Season)

Thomas Bolt Operator

He would rather live in the past than the present and insist that everyone else should do the same. Thomas Bolt is a strict man with a passion for following the rules and serving his country.

He believes he’s fighting for a better world, and underneath his hard exterior, he’s promised himself he’ll finally get married after the war.

A true gunner who saw action in both World Wars, Thomas is not afraid to dig his heels into the harsh winter ground and rid the world of evil one last time.

Gustavo Dos Santos (In-Season)

Gustavo Dos Santos Operator

After receiving confidential intelligence about Germany’s plans for Brazil from members of the resistance, Gustavo returned home to protect his family and deliver this intelligence.

He was then immediately conscripted into the Brazilian Expeditionary Force — “the Smoking Cobras” — leading his unit in taking Monte Castello and breaking the last German line in Northern Italy.

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As part of Task Force Yeti, Gustavo is unafraid to engage up close, with his preferred weapon being an SMG he grew attached to while performing his World War II heroics.

Four new weapons

Operators will get their hands on several classic armaments to bolster their Loadouts across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

Unlock the KG M40 Assault Rifle and Whitley LMG on day one through the Battle Pass; then prepare to add the Ice Axe and a prototypical SMG as you settle into Season Two.

KG M40: Assault Rifle (Launch)

“Workhorse assault rifle, naturally steady and accurate.”

KG m40 Assault Rifle

Adopted across several Scandinavian armies during the war, and also the preferred weapon of Anna Drake, the KG M40 is a high-caliber fully automatic weapon that rivals the first three Assault Rifles unlocked in Vanguard.

Boasting the second highest damage per shot in its category, a similar effective range to the NZ-41, and a fire rate above 600 RPM, this weapon can be a strong contender in mid- to long-distance engagements. Its strengths can be fully unlocked when an Operator can control its recoil.

Whitley: LMG (Launch)

“Heavy long-range machine gun, cumbersome but consistent.”

Whitely LMG

The Whitley represents one of the first machine guns ever used in warfare, rivaling its Battle Pass brother for a strong mid- to long-range tool across all three game modes.

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Despite its age, this LMG is highly customizable, and even in its base form provides a niche role with the best damage per shot compared to its four Vanguard competitors.

This weapon may have great potential across Vanguard and Warzone, but if you have skills like Thomas Bolt, the Whitley may soon become your favored weapon.

Ice Axe (In-Season)

A handy climbing implement that has combat use as both a melee or thrown weapon.

Ice Axe

In the Alps, an Ice Axe is sharp enough to stick through rocky mountainsides or a hard target.

This strong melee tool is fit for snowy conditions, although it is deadly enough to be a one-hit kill no matter where in the world it is swung.

Armaguerra 43: SMG (In-Season)

Very high rate-of-fire SMG. Effective at short to medium range engagements. 

Armaguerra 43 SMG

Only produced in small quantities, this advanced submachine gun gave insight into how modern CQB armaments could function, even though its design was never built upon in the decades to follow.

Due to its prototypical nature, more research is needed on its available attachments and effectiveness in live-fire scenarios.

The Armaguerra 43 can be unlocked in one of two ways: through an SMG-based challenge or via Store Bundle to be released later this season, which features a Weapon Blueprint from this weapon’s family.

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Warzone Pacific Season 2 new POIs

Aside from the massive stockpile in the Alps, Nebula V is located mostly in the factories and laboratories around Caldera and is heavily guarded by Axis forces.

Chemical Factory

Chemical Factory

The refinery between the Mines and Docks that once produced phosphate has been repurposed and is now a newly constructed plant spewing out Nebula V.

This newly named Chemical Factory has a similar layout to the location it replaced, but with several notable differences, including enemy soldiers who protect the facility and a trap that can be sprung in the central building.

There are several more interior spaces to explore, from the main factory floor to watchtowers with impressive sightlines over the facility and its surroundings. The river runs green with Nebula V’s by-product, but it is completely harmless.

Squads who infiltrate this highly lethal area will walk away with more valuable loot on average, which may help in the ensuing fight against both the Circle Collapse and Nebula V Bombs.

Underground Chemical Weapon Research Labs

Research labs

According to current intel, the Axis operated seven research laboratories around the island, hiding them underground and guarding them with small squads of soldiers.

Expert trackers may have already found these lab locations around Caldera…but the average Operator may find them thanks to several hand-drawn yellow circles on their Tac Map.

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With only one way into these facilities, your squad better have an escape plan before the Circle Collapse — or enemy squads — threatens your chances at walking away with phenomenal Loadout items, which may include Gas Masks and Nebula V Ammo.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 new modes

New Modes: Caldera Clash Kicks off Season Two, Rebirth Iron Trial Duos Set to Begin

Warzone Operator running in street

Outside of traditional Battle Royale and Plunder modes, Season Two will feature two limited-time experiences built by High Moon Studios and Beenox:

Caldera Clash — Level Up and Conquer Major Areas in This Team Deathmatch Twist

Developed by High Moon Studios, Caldera Clash pits two teams of up to 48 Operators (divided into Quads) in a Deathmatch with wild events and power-ups.

An evolution of Clash on Verdansk ’84 — and Warzone Rumble before it — Caldera Clash allows Operators to drop in with their Custom Loadout, which can have any weapons from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® to Vanguard, and a Field Upgrade.

Each kill earns their team a point, with the first team to reach a set number of points, or the team that has the most points when the time limit expires, claiming victory for their massive faction.

This mode features three power-ups, Contracts, Buy Stations, the Domination Capture and High Value Target events, and other features from the original Clash, as well as two new events: Double Point zones and Bonus Point crates.

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These can help a team come back from a kill deficit or run away with victory, but with dozens of Operators per side, the name of the game is keeping that kill-to-death ratio above 1.0.

Rebirth Iron Trials — Prove Your Presence Later This Season

Iron Trials Rebirth Island

Developed by Beenox based on Raven Software’s Iron Trials ’84, Rebirth Iron Trials is a Battle Royale variant custom-made for highly competitive players.

Featuring its own set of weaponry (from Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War) and numerous rule changes to increase time-to-kill (TTK), this mode is built for the most hardcore members of our community. However, players of all skill levels who want a change of pace within Warzone should participate!

Those who can’t wait to learn more about this mode needn’t worry: this is a Duos mode — 20 squads of 2, for 40 Operators total — and uses a similar Circle Collapse size and speed. .

Claim victory and receive a unique Animated Calling Card, a true sign of mastery over the Iron Trials.

Expect more information to come later this month when these Iron Trials are expected to begin in Warzone.

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Stay Tuned for Patch Notes, Rebirth Island Midseason Update

Rebirth Island map

As Caldera’s secrets come to light, something lurks within Rebirth Island’s shadows. Expect substantial changes to the prison island during the midseason update….

Expect more intel about the reinforcements to come midseason, as well as other important updates from lead studio Raven Software via Patch Notes on the Call of Duty Blog and their social media account.

Season Two will include a number of quality-of-life changes, including having the Gas Mask animation no longer interrupting Operators who are aiming down sights, so look out for everything coming with this update over the next week.

Events and gameplay changes coming to Warzone Pacific Season 2

Nebula V – Ammo and Bombs

Nebula V is meant for larger-scale armaments but can be used for small-arms ammunition and bombs, both found in extremely small quantities around Caldera.

Nebula V Ammo

Nebula V ammo

Classified as a Field Upgrade in Warzone, Nebula V Ammo is no stronger than regular bullets but does have one major exception: when an Operator is downed by them, they will emit a poisonous gas cloud.

Anyone attempting to revive this Operator — or standing within a few feet of them — will face similar complications to Circle Collapse exposure: coughing, blurred vision, and a slight amount of damage over time, whether that be to a player’s health or to their Gas Mask duration.

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Nebula V Ammo takes up only a single clip of ammunition, but for some weapons, that may be enough to turn the tide of a team fight, especially within interior spaces.

Nebula V Bombs

Nebula V bomb

One of the rarest items in Warzone is the Nebula V Bomb, a locked briefcase full of deadly gas with an explosive charge.

Once activated and set down in front of an Operator, it will detonate after a fixed countdown and cannot be disarmed or destroyed.

Its initial explosion deals a high amount of damage in a small radius before the gas spreads outward, where it will hurt any Operator without a Gas Mask. The gas lingers for two minutes before ultimately dispersing or feeding into the oncoming Circle Collapse.

Operators can potentially outrun this explosive aftermath just as they would the Circle Collapse, but in terms of an area denial tool, the Nebula V Bomb is a powerful force…if you can find it.

Portable Decontamination Stations (P.D.S)

Portable Decontamination Stations

Despite its toxicity, Nebula V can also be temporarily dispersed.

The Portable Decontamination Station, new Field Equipment in Caldera, is a portable device that filtrates air for several seconds, protecting anyone inside from the Circle Collapses or Nebula V gas.

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These devices impact all Operator Tac Maps, allowing everyone to see where they are currently activated, and they can be destroyed by explosives or ballistics. With these caveats in mind, the Portable Decontamination Station is still useful in surviving both old and new chemical threats, and could likely lead to some new positioning strategies for Battle Royale modes.

Armored Transport Trucks – Ominous Nebula V Machines of Destruction

Armored Trucks Warzone

Armored Transport Trucks are here in paradise, as the Axis deployed multiple vehicles to carry Nebula V and its derivatives around Caldera.

These unstoppable steel behemoths remotely roll on a set looping path, attacking those within its immediate vicinity with its two machine-gun turrets. Operators also need to avoid the mines it drops behind it, as well as the aerial support it calls in should it drop to low health.

Upon destruction, the Armored Transport Trucks will drop incredibly valuable items, including — in the rarest cases — an intact Nebula V Bomb.

Oher New Features: Bomber Planes and Redeploy Balloons

Nebula V isn’t the only new feature coming in Season Two, as Operators can take to the skies either in a new Bomber Plane or via Redeploy Balloons.

Bomber Plane

Bomber Plane

The second aerial vehicle in Vanguard modes in Warzone, the Bomber is a formidable air-to-ground striker capable of leveling infantry and vehicles.

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Bombers can also destroy Loadout Drops, which can fundamentally change how Operators approach these powerful sources of weapons.

While this new aircraft can shatter Anti-Air Guns and destroy ground-level threats, it may meet its match when confronting the Fighter Plane, which continues to be available in Vanguard Royale. Alternatively, drop into a stationary or truck-mounted AA Gun and bring down these airborne behemoths with vim and vigor!

Furthermore, players can expect to see health decreases to both planes as part of this update, making them easier to shoot down should they pose a threat to you or your squad.

Redeploy Balloon

Redeploy Balloons Warzone

Shown on the Tac Map as a blimp icon, the Redeploy Balloon is a ticket back into the skies to reposition thousands of meters away from your set location.

Operators can ascend to the top of the balloon via a zipline tethered to the balloon, then leap off at the top and deploy their parachute to cover great distances. Planes or weaponry can destroy the Redeploy Balloon, and once the Balloon is deflated, Operators can spend a few hundred bucks to reinflate it.

This new movement option can be exceptional for repositioning across the map…so long as you watch out for bogeys entering your airspace.

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Vanguard Season 2 Multiplayer maps

Two New Core Maps: Explore Casablanca, Watch Your Step on Gondola

From North African deserts to the European mountains, Season Two is serving up two traditional Multiplayer maps at launch, as well as the largest locale in Vanguard yet during the season.

Casablanca (Launch)

Casablanca Map Vanguard

A shining jewel of Morocco, Casablanca is a medium-sized, three-lane-style map within a bustling marketplace. With several buildings to explore and climb upon, expect a variety of vertical engagements that invite a variety of close- to long-range tactics.

Gondola (Launch)

Gondola map Vanguard

Don’t look down on this medium-sized, three-lane-style map. Take a trip on the Gondola to travel above a large gulch and fire watchtower, but hop off before it rides off the cliff! Operators can also take advantage of the long sightline this gondola route provides, or head through the power plant and caves for more close-quarters battle.

Vanguard Season 2 new modes

Ranked Play Beta Kicks Off During Call of Duty League Season

Ranked play Vanguard

Recently, Toronto Ultra bested 11 other elite professional squads at the Call of Duty League’s Kickoff Classic.

As the league continues its regular 2022 season schedule following an exciting Opening Weekend, Vanguard will offer a bespoke Multiplayer Ranked Play mode (launching in Beta at the start of Season Two) featuring league-approved rules, visible Skill Ratings, and new competitive rewards among other innovations from Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games.

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Stay tuned later this week for more information about this fourth pillar of Vanguard in a dedicated broadcast from the Call of Duty League and Treyarch.

Events and Gameplay changes coming to Vanguard Season 2

Two Perks, Lethal Grenade, and Killstreak – Free in Battle Pass

Some free rewards are just too good to keep under wraps until the dedicated Battle Pass blog dropping in this channel in the next few days.

Ball Turret Gunner — Killstreak

Ball Turret Gunner

Call of Duty®: WWII fans know the Ball Turret’s power well.

Beginning the Season Two Battle Pass with a bang — or multiple across 30 seconds — the Ball Turret Gunner can be activated after achieving a 12 Killstreak, just like the Attack Dogs.

This Killstreak is hard to earn but rewarding to use, so prepare for potential carnage if you place it within one of three available slots.

Sticky Bomb— Lethal Equipment

sticky bomb equipment

A familiar sight for veteran players, the Sticky Bomb is a direct rival to the Frag Grenade and Gammon Bomb as a throwable explosive equipment piece.

Consider it the perfect choice for those stuck between a Frag and a Gammon Bomb.

Armory — Perk 1

Armory Perk Vanguard

A direct counter-Perk to Engineer, Armory is ideal for Operators who use more than just their weaponry in combat, namely placeable Demolition Charges, concussion mines, and placeable Field Equipment pieces.

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Mechanic — Perk 3

Mechanic Perk Vanguard

Mechanic provides a reasonable buff to Field Upgrade charge time, making it a must-have for completing challenges related to them or for Operators who love using them.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Vanguard

Valentines Day Event Vanguard

Don’t have an IRL Duo for Season Two launch day? Vanguard will feature a Valentine’s Day themed experience with some Double XP opportunities and thematic changes for dropping in around this time.

No love is needed to enjoy it; just invite some friends and prepare to fight for a true King of Hearts.

Coming in Season: Arms Race and Vehicles — Launch Patch Notes to Drop in the Coming Days

Arms race game mode Vanguard

An Arms Race with Armored War Machines is bigger than infantry combat — it’s piloting Motorcycles, Squad Transport Vehicles, and Tanks en route to destroying enemy bases.

This and other features are expected to arrive during Season Two. Sledgehammer Games will release their initial Patch Notes next week, including weapon balance changes.

Vanguard Zombies Season 2 additions

New Hub Map and Arenas — “Terra Maledicta”

Maledicta Vanguard Zombies

“Der Anfang” was only the beginning. As the undead army prepares to invade a new front, Krafft and company take the fight to Von List in “Terra Maledicta,” a new Zombies experience set in Egypt’s Eastern Desert and abroad.

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Gateways to new arenas will open, including the Dark Aether itself in an entirely new location for Vanguard Zombies. Professor Krafft and his Special Forces fighters have established a “beachhead” within the Dark Aether in the fight against Von List, where they’ll risk everything to obtain a lost page from the Tome of Rituals.

New Ally and Foe: Vercanna the Last and Zaballa the Deceiver

The Dark Aether entities continue a supernatural war through the mortal world as a new ally appears and a powerful enemy makes her presence known.

New Artifact Power from Vercanna the Last: Healing Aura

New artifact Vanguard Zombies

Vercanna the Last is the latest Dark Aether entity to lend her powers to the battle against Von List and Kortifex. A newcomer to our world, Vercanna seeks revenge on Kortifex for wiping out her entire clan. She is the Last of her kind, and joins Krafft’s allies at a crucial moment in the war on the undead.

Her elemental command of Life Energy through her Artifact, the Wand of the Wilds, grants the player the Healing Aura ability that can be crucial in combat. By default, activating her Artifact will send beams of light down on all Operators, instantly bringing them back to full health.

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Healing Aura’s base ability and upgrade tiers include:

  • Tier I (Base): The Wand of the Wilds summons Vercanna’s Life Energy to instantly heal yourself and allies to full health.
  • Tier II: Knock down normal enemies and stun Special enemies near each player.
  • Tier III: Revive all downed allies.
  • Tier IV: Revived allies have their lost Perks returned.
  • Tier V: The Life Energy persists at each player’s location for 10 seconds and continues to heal and revive players.

Zaballa the Deceiver — A Cunning and Shifty Trickster

Vanguard zombies foe

Those brave enough to survive in “Der Anfang” or “Terra Maledicta” for multiple rounds will come across Zaballa the Deceiver, a powerful enforcer from the Dark Aether unleashed upon the world by Kortifex. For thousands of years, she served Kortifex as one of his “Sisters of Agony,” and her deep history with the existing Dark Aether entities means they all have scores to settle with her.

A chaotic evil charlatan with a devious sense of humor, Zaballa’s true face hides behind three masks. These give her the strength to hover away from Operators, striking beneath the surface with electrical eruptions at a moment’s notice.

Although she is resistant to many forms of attack, that which gives her energy could also be her greatest weakness…

Wonder Weapons Return, Both Old and New

Ray gun wonder weapon

Our Special Forces Operators already have access to dozens of ballistic-based weapons, as well as some melee tools, to fend off the undead. But in Season Two, the four new weapons across Vanguard and Warzone are just the beginning of what Zombies fans can expect in their arsenals.

Through a bit of exploration, elite skill, and perhaps some divine intervention, Operators can wield two Wonder Weapons: energy-based arms with mysterious origins and herculean effects in battle.

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Wonder weapons vanguard

Explore “Terra Maledicta” to discover the Decimator Shield, an all-new Wonder Weapon offering superior protection and the mighty Decimation Blast ability. With a unique personality of its own, the Decimator is only too happy to help Krafft’s freedom fighters take down Von List’s undead army.

The other Wonder Weapon is one that veterans will be familiar with: the classic Ray Gun returns to Zombies! The gold — or rather, bright red — standard for Wonder Weapons since Call of Duty®: World at War, the Ray Gun fires circular enemy beams that can tear zombies apart in just one shot. Look for it in the Mystery Box, or as a lucky loot drop during a match.

New Sacrifice Objective, Story Quest, and Side Easter Eggs

Easter eggs vanguard zombies

Vanguard Zombies’ sixth Objective calls upon players to disrupt a gruesome Dark Aether blood-magic ceremony. Grotesque structures known as Syphoncores will suck the essence out of the surrounding undead. Once they feed, the Syphoncores will spawn more zombies than they consumed, unleashing the horde upon the world. Prevent the zombies from filling all three, and the dark ceremony will be thwarted.

“Terra Maledicta” also presents players with a special Story Quest that introduces Vercanna the Last to the action and gives players access to the mighty Decimator Shield. A series of special tasks and narrative revelations will advance the Dark Aether saga, as players search for a missing page from the Tome of Rituals that may be the key to defeating Von List and Kortifex.

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In addition, side Easter Eggs are returning in Vanguard Zombies, this time inspired by the classic “Origins” map from Black Ops II. Pick up a shovel and find loot hidden throughout the Eastern Desert, and dig even deeper to uncover all the secrets “Terra Maledicta” has to offer.

New Covenant: Artifact Ward

Covenant Zombies vanguard

A new ability joins the Altar of Covenants with three tiers of rarity. Equip Artifact Ward for a chance to trigger your Artifact for free when hit by a melee attack from the rear, which can come in clutch when your squad’s in trouble during higher rounds.

Artifact Ward’s three rarities are as follows:

  • Rare: Being hit by a melee attack on the back has a chance to trigger your Artifact
  • Epic: Being hit by a melee attack on the back has a higher chance to trigger your Artifact.
  • Legendary: Being hit by a melee attack anywhere has a higher chance to trigger your Artifact.

This is only the beginning of what’s in store for Season Two.

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