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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone player finds OP loadout that gives legal wallhacks

A Warzone player has discovered an OP loadout that provides legal wallhacks perfect for riding Caldera of campers.



Warzone combat scout snapshot

A Warzone player has put together a loadout with legal wallhacks that will have enemies questioning how on Earth they just died.

Since Warzone Pacific introduced us to Caldera, players have been complaining about the map’s subpar visibility and terrain. Now, a Warzone player has created a loadout that provides legal wallhacks making it easy to spot concealed enemies.

This loadout is the ideal counter to players who are not interested in moving for the entirety of the match as it will immediately get enemies out of their hiding places.

Combat Scout perk Warzone

The key to this loadout is combining four vital elements that improve your ability to spot players who are laying low. On their own, these elements can prove useful but when they come together, a whole new level of foresight is unlocked.

A post on the Warzone subreddit by jamcowl urges players to combine Combat Scout, Snapshot Grenades, Restock, and FMJ. The clip shows just how devastating this combination can be as one unsuspecting player after another is whipped off the map.

Combat Scout is a popular Warzone Perk at the moment with a pick ratio of 40.50% according to WZ Ranked. Once an enemy is identified, Combat Scout helps you secure kills through Caldera’s adequate cover.

However, the addition of Restock, Snapshot Grenades, and FMJ adds another level of insight to your bag of tricks. With Restock and Snapshot Grenades you can frequently check if players are hiding in buildings, tents, or behind types of cover before Combat Scout activates.

Adding FMJ to the Grau in this instance will allow you to shoot through said cover as seen in the clip above which creates legal wallhacks that will surprise enemy players.

Getting the jump on enemy players using this tactic is incredibly satisfying as you turn the tables on their advantageous positioning.

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Image Credit: Activision