User appears to load into Warzone map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Update | Fake

Keshav Bhat

Update: This video is apparently not real and was faked by the user.

Original Story:

The bizarre glitches of getting into the Warzone lobby in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare continues, and today a user has shared a video of them actually loading into the Warzone map itself, although it is currently not finished version with some bugs in it.

The video shows a CALL OF DUTY WARZONE logo in the bottom left, a BETA icon in the top left, and a general intel sentence across the bottom as the map appears to be loading in.

Here’s the video from Twitter user:

Here’s the Warzone logo shown:

It does not appear like the players able to get in the map and drop in per the video, as it cuts off before that can happen.

As always stay tuned for any updates.