Serpentine Perk nerfed again in Warzone Season 5 with huge change on the way

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone serpentine perk

The Warzone Season 5 update is set to bring yet another huge nerf for the popular Serpentine Perk during the season.

Warzone Season 5 brings brand-new content and balance changes for players to enjoy such as a deadly Sniper buff, Caldera map changes, and the Umbrella Academy crossover bundles.

The launch of the new season has provided a lot for players, but as many will know, the devs will also have plans for content and changes during the season.

As well as the Valois Revolver arriving in-season, the devs also revealed that a major change is coming for the Serpentine Perk during Season 5.

Although the Perk already received some nerfs in the Season 4 Reloaded and Season 5 update, the devs have provided details on a further change for the Serpentine Perk nerf set for later on in the season.

Warzone operator running in Pacific Caldera

Serpentine has become a very popular Perk since its introduction into Warzone, as it reduces incoming damage from bullets by 20% while sprinting.

For the Warzone Season 5 update, the devs decided to reduce its power by removing the reduced fire and explosive damage while sprinting. Although the Perk only reduces incoming damage from bullets now, it’s still very effective.

Having said that, the devs are looking to decrease its power even more, as the Warzone Season 5 patch notes revealed that another change will be arriving “later this season.”

This change will make it so that the Serpentine Perk is only activated when a player is Tac Sprinting, instead of just the regular sprint.

This would mean that players will only get the Serpentine Perk benefits for a short period of time, as players are not able to Tac Sprint for long. We’ll have to wait and see just how much this change will affect the Perk’s popularity and strength when it arrives during the season.

For now, check out how the new Warzone Supply Box UAV works in Season 5.

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