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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone Supply Box UAV Killstreak explained: How to find Personal Supply Box in Season 5

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Supply Box UAV Killstreak and how to find a powerful Personal Supply Box.



Warzone Operators in Season 5

Warzone Pacific Season 5 brings the brand-new Supply Box UAV Killstreak to the game, so here’s how to use it to find a Personal Supply Box and grab your favorite loadout weapons.

Warzone Pacific Season 5 arrives on August 24, bringing the end of Warzone as we know it. Before Warzone 2 launches later this year, Raven Software and Sledgehammer are going all out, bringing back classic villains and weapons from MW2 and Advanced Warfare.

That’s not all though, as there are plenty of new additions to shake up Warzone’s gameplay. Alongside Rage Serum, players can use the new Supply Box UAV Killstreak to find the powerful but extremely rare Personal Supply Box.

Warzone Supply Box UAV Killstreak explained

Warzone’s Supply Box UAV Killstreak will mark all nearby unopened Supply Boxes on your Tac Map for 15 seconds. This will be especially useful in the early game when needing to loot up quickly, or if you need some quick cash to buy back a teammate.

The Supply Box UAV is easy to get a hold of, as players can either purchase on at a Buy Station or find it inside a Supply Box.

What makes the Supply Box UAV especially powerful is that it can lead you to a Personal Supply Box.

Warzone player using Supply Box UAV Killstreak

What is a Personal Supply Box in Warzone?

The Personal Supply Box is an “extremely rare crate” that will actually grant whoever opens it their “favorite Loadout weapons.” The rest of the squad will get “a huge XP boost as well,” so don’t be too upset if a teammate grabs it first.

The devs revealed that you can track down the Personal Supply Box “with the assistance of the Supply Box UAV” but they haven’t revealed if it can be found without it. This rare box should have its own unique marker on your map after popping the Supply Box UAV.

Also, be sure how you’ll be able to unlock the new Valois Revolver and everything coming to Vanguard Zombies with the update.

Image Credit: Activision