Players find new game-breaking wall glitch in CoD Warzone

Nicholas Sakadelis

Players have discovered a way to glitch into the walls in certain areas in Warzone.

Modern Warfare’s Warzone has had a rough patch these past few weeks with the current fire shotgun meta, and unlimited Juggernaut exploit.

Unfortunately, it looks like the exploit trend has continued in the form of wall breach glitches, where players find ways to access otherwise restricted play areas.

At the launch of Warzone in March of 2020, there were many glitch spots that players would use to get easy kills but were quickly patched out by Infinity Ward. Once this spot is patched, it’ll be back to the drawing board for players who abuse these bugs.

In the below clip by Reddit user Irons21, you can see another team using the exploit against him in a Warzone game.

As Irons enters a small garage, bullets appear to shoot out of the wall. By the time the Reddit user figured out what was happening, it was too late. He had fallen into the enemy’s trap and was helpless to fight back.

Upon watching the killcam, the Redditor sees not one but two enemies sitting in the glitch spot. It appears the glitch was linked to the vehicle in the garage. In previous seasons players used strategies centered around abusing vehicle mechanics.

To perform exploits like this, you’d have to exit a car near a wall, and it would clip your player into the wall, thus putting you inside of a wall.

How to counter this exploit

The best way to counter the exploit is to destroy the enemy vehicle with an explosive, then they’ll be trapped indefinitely, doomed to die to the gas.

Unfortunately, if the enemy is in the final circle abusing this, there is no counter. (Besides some choice words at the end of the game).

Hopefully Infinity Ward patches this in a future update.

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