NICKMERCS calls out “dirty” Warzone tournaments & SBMM tracking

Nicholas Sakadelis

NICKMERCS has commented on why he no longer plays in Warzone tournaments, citing that some players who are “dirty” are to blame.

In a clip circulating across social media, NICKMERCS finally gives the community the reason as to why he has not been participating in Call of Duty Warzone tournaments as of late.

The streamer cited that he “knows that there are people who cheat, drop their K/D to get into easier lobbies, and people who buy certain routers and use VPN’s so they can only ping certain locations for bot (easier) lobbies.”

He continues to claim that the Warzone tournaments are dirty, due to a select group of players who abuse these mechanics to get easier games. NICKMERCS clarifies “I’m not saying everyone playing in them (the tournaments) are dirty, I’m just saying there are people who are allowed to play in these tournaments who are dirty.”

Apparently, Nick has known about players gaming the system for quite some time, but chose to make a statement due to viewers trying to label him as one of the dirty players as well.

“The issue I’m having now is that I have people coming to me now, telling me I’m with them (the exploiting players). That I’m doing what they’re doing, because of a picture of a bronze lobby on a website with no verification, using the wrong tools to grade out the right s***.

The website NICKMERCS speaks about is the new and popular website, SBMMWarzone, that grades individual Warzone lobbies by difficulty. By using this site, players can easily tell if certain players are exploiting the matchmaking system to get into easier games.

As a consequence, players are finding some “bot lobbies” out of the 15 or so games on a professional player’s profile and using that singular game to label the player as someone who’s abusing the system. These claims often come without substance or proof that players are regularly getting into easy lobbies.

The vast majority of good players get these lobbies on occasion, and that’s what players are focusing on, whereas players who abuse the system would get these lobbies an overwhelming majority of the time.

NICKMERCS also claimed that the SBMMWarzone website is actually calculating these games incorrectly, stating that “there’s no verification, the math is wrong, they’re not doing it right.”

In a YouTube video by NICKMERCS, he doubles down on these claims, showing us how the SBMMWarzone tool actually calculates lobby ratings. It’s actually not by the average K/D but by the median (the middle) K/D of the lobby, which results in varied/incorrect data.

There’s no doubt there are a select few players in the Warzone community exploiting the matchmaking system, but NICKMERCS recent video shows us that SBMMWarzone’s tool shouldn’t be used as an accurate measure of lobbies.

SBMMWarzone has responded to these claims. For more clarification on the SBMMWarzone tool, you can read here.

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