New Warzone Bunker Appearing in Verdansk

Nicholas Sakadelis

Players have noticed a new bunker in Verdansk after the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Update.

Shortly after the Season 1 update for Black Ops Cold War, players began to notice a brand new landing spot hidden beneath the landing strip of the Verdansk Airfield. The landing spot is inside of a large crater that was created by a bomb of some sort.

Once inside, you’ll be greeted to what appears to be a small Cold War-era facility, similar to the Bunkers.

The format of the facility is eerie of the KGB bunker from Black Ops Cold War’s Campaign. All around are computers that all appear to be monitoring the nuke in Bunker 10, which was found several months ago.

Additionally, there is a small room with Nova 6 gas canisters. This is our first official look at nova gas inside of Warzone.

It’s been speculated the gas closing into Verdansk is Nova 6, but it has yet to be officially confirmed via lore.

Currently, there is no story-related information as to how the gas got here, nor is there any information on who or what created the large hole into this facility.

From the Warzone missions, we know that Victor Zakahev (Son of Imran Zakahev, the main antagonist of the Call of Duty 4 campaign) has been in Verdansk, so perhaps this is where he has been hiding for the past few Seasons.

Once Season 1 progresses a bit more, we should be getting the main storyline progression in Warzone, perhaps leading to the rumored “nuke event” that transitions us from Verdansk to whatever map Treyarch is working on for Warzone.

For footage of the bunker, you can watch the video below, posted by Reddit user Mundoschristmas.

Only time will tell exactly where the storyline and gameplay will go for the overall Warzone experience, but in the meantime, we’ll be occupied with Rebirth Island.

For those who cycle between Verdansk and Rebirth Island, or just those who prefer Verdansk, this new area is perfect to quickly loot up a squad, completely out of sight from other players. There’s plenty of loot in this area for a squad of four.

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