New “pay-to-win” skin makes players invisible in Warzone

Andrew Highton
cod warzone ghillie suit

One YouTuber has found that one of the Warzone bundles actually contains a pay-to-win skin as it can cause players to be invisible at different ranges and provides an unfair advantage.

Warzone has seen its fair share of glitches that causes varying degrees of invisibility and they generally get patched out of the game. However, there seems to be one particular skin that has eluded the developers for quite some time now.

A YouTuber by the name of Scop3s_ has demonstrated how the “Forest Spirit” GRINCH Skin is actually quite broken and enables invisibility.

eloko bundle cod warzone

The skin in question is a Legendary Ghillie Suit that comes with the Eloko bundle that you can purchase for 1,800 COD Points. It comes with numerous items including several weapon skins, a calling, and a spray.

The suit is the source of invisibility, and to show how dangerous this skin is, our content creator created a video showing in-game examples of how the skin works.

First, he got one of his teammates to stand up against a wall and they measured the different distances at which the cloaking ability becomes a factor. After toying around with different combinations and varying levels of zoom, they declared some statistics and what would need to be done to achieve invisibility.

  • No ADS: The player becomes invisible at 34 meters
  • Aiming down the sight: The player becomes invisible at 55 meters
  • 4x ADS: Only the player’s head and the gun is visible at 125 meters

Some people will argue that showing how to use this exploit could be detrimental to the game and tempt players into using it. On the other hand, the suit has been in Warzone for several months now and little-to-no attention has been brought to it.

If the issue becomes more widespread and contagious, then Activision will surely take a step back and realize the suit needs to be nerfed so that no one can benefit from its properties.

Image credits: Activision Blizzard

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