Warzone’s new “pay to win” Fallout Optic lets you spot enemies with ease

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Fallout Vault 141 Operator skins

On June 20, a Fallout x Warzone collaboration launched offering players a ton of content themed around the popular series, including a store bundle featuring a “pay to win” Optic that makes enemies easier to see from afar.

This Fallout thermal Optic will highlight enemies in a bright green when spotted, allowing you to easily kill them without getting exposed. Keep in mind that this sight can be equipped with any gun you want, which makes it really powerful against other popular Optic options.

To add this thermal sight to your loadout, you’ll need to purchase the Fallout bundle from the game’s store, which costs 2,800 CoD Points, equivalent to around $25 / £22. If you already have it, the Optic you’ll be looking for is called FSS Spectre Microtherm, and you’ll need to select the Atomic Disintegrator skin.

This item was noted by content creator Metaphor, claiming that the “insane” thermal scope feels “really strong” even against players who had Cold-Blooded Perk equipped. This Perk’s description states it makes players undetectable to thermal optic sights. However, it appears this doesn’t work with Fallout’s sight.

Despite the FSS Spectre Microtherm Optic being some players’ go-to pick to detect enemies within smoke, the Atomic Disintegrator skin’s bright green highlight effect makes it “broken” compared to its base version, which is why he called it “pay to win.”

In Warzone matches, the battleground can become cluttered with Killstreaks, buildings, Equipment, and other obstacles. That’s why using a clean sight with a pronounced effect like Fallout’s green highlighter can grant players a significant advantage over their opponents, particularly when confronting enemies in long-range engagements.

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