New DMZ Field Upgrade disguises you as AI in Warzone

Liam Mackay
AI Soldier in Warzone DMZ

Warzone’s DMZ mode receives major changes with the Season 5 update including powerful new Field Upgrades. One will even disguise you as the AI, making for stress-free trips to the Exclusion Zone.

Borrowing from popular titles such as Escape from Tarkov, Warzone 2’s DMZ mode became a surprise hit. With its focus on PvE, it’s a more casual mode that keeps receiving content such as new maps, missions, Factions, and gadgets.

Warzone’s Season 5 update arrives on August 2 and brings plenty of changes to DMZ including AI that can call in Killstreaks, the new Konni Group Faction, and new Field Upgrades.

The devs have already made fighting other players more punishing in DMZ but the PVP side of things was kept alive and well. Now, for players who want to get in, grab the loot they need, and make a quick exfil, the new Disguise Field Upgrade will come in handy.

DMZ Disguise Field Upgrade explained

new dmz field upgrades in warzone 2 season 5
Season 4 brings four new Field Upgrades to DMZ.

The Disguise Field Upgrade in DMZ will disguise you as a member of one of the AI Factions. Once the Field Upgrade is activated, the AI of that Faction will treat you as one of their own and won’t attack you unless provoked.

It’s unclear how deep the disguise goes, it could change your entire look or just make the AI enemies friendly to you. If you do look like an AI soldier, it could be especially powerful against other players as you can blend in for surprise attacks.

The Disguise Field Upgrade might not be there on Season 5’s August 2 launch either as it’s only listed as arriving in the “Launch Window,” so may turn up later.

We’ll be sure to let you know once more about the Disguise Field Upgrade is revealed including how to get it.

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