Modern Warfare 2 trailer gives first look at Warzone 2 map

Nathan Warby
MW 2 Captain Price with Highrise map

The first Modern Warfare 2 gameplay trailer was packed with reveals and teases for Infinity Ward’s upcoming release, but it also snuck in our first official look at the Warzone 2 map.

The curtain has finally been pulled back on Modern Warfare 2, after an explosive reveal trailer on June 8. It gave fans their first look at gameplay from the next CoD installment and some of the set pieces from the single-player campaign.

Fans will no doubt have been over the moon to see Captain Price and the rest of Task Force 141 hopping around the globe, carrying out daring nighttime raids, and even stealthily using water to infiltrate a stronghold.

Among all the new MW2 footage, Infinity Ward also managed to hide a tease of the new Warzone 2 map in the trailer, and it’s a POI that fans will recognize.

warzone 2 map

Around 10-seconds onto the gameplay trailer, while Captain Price is being briefed on a target, we can see an overhead shot from a drone of a large built-up city. After zooming in, eagle-eyed fans will notice a familiar sight from CoD history.

From above, you can see that part of the city rooftops are make up the Highrise map from the original Modern Warfare 2, suggesting that what we’re actually looking at is a section of the map from Warzone 2.

It’s only on-screen for a short amount of time, but the trademark helipad gives it away, along with the two skyscrapers at either end of the roof. Sadly, the huge cranes appear to have been removed, likely to make the map fit more nicely into a larger POI.

A previous leak from Tom Henderson had revealed that four old MW2 maps would show up in Warzone 2; Highrise, Quarry, Terminal, and Favela. They also mentioned that Highrise will make up part of the Modern City POI, which is presumably the location we can see in the trailer.

The footage didn’t offer up any more details on what players can expect in the sequel to the hugely successful battle royale, but now that Infinity Ward have confirmed that Warzone 2 is due to release in 2022, we shouldn’t have much longer to wait.

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Image credits: Activision

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