Long-awaited Gas Mask toggle feature finally arrives in Warzone Season 5

Warzone player wearing Gas Mask

Warzone players have been calling for a Gas Mask toggle option ever since the battle royale launched, and it’s finally arriving with the Season 5 update.

The Gas Mask animation has been the bane of Warzone players ever since the game launched, with countless deaths caused by the Operator fitting the mask at the worst possible moment.

Raven Software heard the complaints loud and clear, and have dropped plenty of updates trying to fix the issue. Warzone players still called for the ability to manually equip the mask though, and after a brief stint in the settings menu after Season 4 Reloaded, the fully-fledged feature has finally arrived with the Season 5 update.

Warzone players knew they were about to get the highly-requested Gas Mask toggle option when it appeared in the settings menu after Season 4 Reloaded. However, Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins confirmed it was added too early and “full implementation is to come soon.”

Now, with the Season 5 update, Raven Software have added the Gas Mask Manual Equip setting to the quick access inventory, allowing players to choose when they want to equip their Gas Mask.

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However, it won’t be able to be abused as when in the gas, the Gas Mask will continue to take damage whether it’s equipped or not.

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warzone player with gas mask equipped

How to manually equip Gas Masks in Warzone

Here’s how to manually equip a Gas Mask in Warzone Season 5:

  1. Launch Call of Duty: Warzone
  2. Head to Options and Enable the Gask Mask is Toggle Only setting
  3. While in-game, bring up the quick inventory screen (where you can drop Cash and ammo)
  4. The Gas Mask will be first, so follow the prompt to equip the Gas Mask
  5. To unequip the mask, bring up the menu again and follow the prompt

If you’d rather that your Operator equips the Gask Mask manually as before, simply Disable the Gas Mask is Toggle Only option. This will completely remove the toggle option, though.

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Image Credit: Activision