Insane Warzone FAL loadout gives players literal wallhacks

Andrew Highton
fal in cod warzone

The FAL isn’t one of Call of Duty: Warzone’s most commonly-used weapons, but an inventive new loadout has made it so that players can pull off perfectly legal wallhack kills using the Snapshot attachment.

The FAL has never been given as fair a shout of a weapon as the DMR reigned supreme in this category, and with its recent resurgence, it has overshadowed the FAL Assault Rifle.

However, a user clearly not too fussed by the game’s existing meta decided to show off a pretty neat loadout. Using the Snapshot Underbarrel attachment, they managed to make the act of camping in Warzone less of a threat.

fal ar in cod warzone

Snapshot Grenades are generally only used in the Gulag if a player is automatically given one, or as a last act of desperation ground loot option. Whereas the FAL isn’t considered one of Warzone’s most popular guns or best guns, the two can be combined together to be deceptively sneaky if given the opportunity.

Reddit user LordTexugo showed how effective the FAL can actually be with the right attachments applied to it.

In their video, they showed that if you attach the Snapshot Grenade underbarrel launcher and FMJ rounds to the FAL, it can see through walls and end enemy campers.

Instead of storming into a room to be jumped, the player instead fired a Snapshot near the room, it revealed the position of a camper, and the FMJ rounds allowed the player to chew through the wall with the FMJ and kill them.

Given that so many Call of Duty: Warzone players stick rigidly to the meta, it’s always fresh to see a creative loadout like this. It won’t be the entirely convenient and practical loadout that will assure you of higher-placed finishes, mind you.

It will, however, give you a sense of satisfaction by evading campers and also doing something different. If you want to see another unique class setup, check out this crazy CR-56 AMAX Stun Launcher troll class.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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