Infinity Ward hint at more DMZ maps coming to Warzone 2

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warzone 2 operators getting ready to drop in cod

Warzone 2 ‘s new DMZ game mode is one of the biggest talking points about the new sequel, and before Al Mazrah drops, new map destinations are already being discussed.

The notion of a Warzone sequel has been on the cards for some time and Warzone 2 will finally be going in hot on November 16, 2022. Along with a whole host of changes including the Loadout Drop system and a revised armor and plate system, DMZ mode is also joining the fray.

Warzone 2’s equivalent of the extraction shooter concept will be another mode available to players in Activision’s newest battle royale sequel.

With an emphasis on looting, DMZ tasks players with hopping in, extracting particular resources and high-tiered loot. The idea of DMZ was popularized by Escape From Tarkov, and Activision’s take is set to challenge it. Not only that, but the devs are already toying with players and suggesting that even more DMZ content is being prepped.

Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 will bring about a ton of new content from new maps for MW2 to Al Mazrah in Warzone 2.

The large-scale map will house more battle royale skirmishes, as well as the new DMZ mode. But a blog post from Infinity Ward has teased that Al Mazrah is only the start of things for this new era of Call of Duty.

“While players can choose how and where they engage, all operators must exfil from the Al Mazrah Exclusion Zone to reap the rewards. Players will ultimately fight for mastery of the mode by discovering all the experiences and rewards it has to offer. While DMZ begins in Al Mazrah, no one quite knows where it may lead…”

warzone 2 operator staking out building

Obviously, this requires some reading between the lines, but this statement would imply that more DMZ maps are on the way.

There are already rumors circulating that Las Almas, a location frequently visited and mentioned in the MW2 campaign, could be the next area to visit. A fresh Resurgence map is also likely inbound too, so that could always be another possible DMZ option.

A lot of time and resources have already been put into the new game mode, and you’d have to imagine that the team is in it for the long haul.

The blog also goes on to say “DMZ does not set out to replicate,” so we’ll have to see how Warzone 2’s DMZ mode performs, how popular it becomes, and if it can make a big impact on the extraction genre.

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