Infinite UAV hack found in Call of Duty: Warzone

Andrew Highton
warzone buy station and infinite minimap uav

A new hacking tool exists in Warzone Season 4 that gives cheaters a constant UAV that pings the location of players, even if they have the Ghost Perk equipped.

Warzone players now have one more issue to contend with whilst playing a game of the free battle royale shooter in Season 4. Already this season, fans have had to deal with hackers deliberately crashing other players’ games, and a new ground cheat.

A new hack is quickly becoming the talk of Verdansk as it allows cheaters to have a constant UAV that pings real-time information of the positions of players.

cod warzone players in airport comms tower

The information comes from Call of Duty datamining Twitter account – CallofDutyHope. A self-professed fan of Call of Duty and Battlefield, they try and get the lowdown on any new bugs and hacks to do with these games.

The account recently posted to say: “LMFAO, there’s a new tool in Warzone I’ve been made aware of that lets you see people anywhere on the map. Even if they have Ghost, and it constantly pings like a UAV.”

This is a very worrying turn of events if this hack becomes prevalent in Warzone lobbies as it will remove all the tension and strategy.

Some people have questioned if this is an example of a ‘Super UAV’ or Advanced UAV, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. A Super UAV is the act of 3 UAVs being triggered by one person in quick succession, where an Advanced UAV is a rare killstreak.

These two forms of complete UAVs usually mark players with arrows, whereas the hack shows everyone as a normal red dot, like with a normal UAV.

Obviously, anyone using this hack is going to have a ridiculous advantage, and if combined with other hacks, it’s going to become almost impossible for most players to win.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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