How to play Call of Duty: Warzone’s new Rebirth Island map

Liam Mackay

Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 1 is here, and with it comes the new Warzone map Rebirth Island. This smaller battle royale map holds 40 players, and in its Resurgence game mode, players can continuously respawn as long as a teammate is still alive.

Season 1 marks the beginning of the integration between Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone. All weapons from Cold War have been added to Warzone, and progression is tied across all three titles.

Although the integration has occurred, Rebirth Island is launched from the Warzone menus, not Black Ops Cold War. It is also still tied to Modern Warfare, but you can uninstall Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, Spec Ops, and Campaign to only have Warzone installed.

If you haven’t installed Warzone, you can follow our guide on how to download Warzone on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

How to play Rebirth Island Warzone map

Resurgence in the Call of Duty: Warzone menus

Here’s how to play Resurgence on Rebirth Island:

  1. Launch Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare.
  2. Select Warzone from the start menu.
  3. Select Resurgence Trios from the Warzone menu.
  4. Enjoy the new map!

There is also a set of challenges to complete in Resurgence, the final reward being a new Blueprint for the Krig 6. You can also earn a Blueprint for the RPD along the way. The challenges are simple for the most part – killing enemies and placing in the top 30%, for example.

The Rebirth Event is set to end on January 4, so be sure to complete the challenges over the festive period.

Image Credit: Activision