Warzone’s $100 M.O.A.B bundle: Date, contents, news

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The “Mother Of All Bundles” was believed to be on its way to Call of Duty: Warzone, but what is actually in the $100 mega bundle, and is it actually happening?

Speculation is running rampant about the nature of Call of Duty’s epic M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle that is set to be one of, if not the, biggest bundles in Call of Duty history.

It’s caught the public’s attention due to its hefty $100 price tag, which begs the question as to what it actually contains. With hot announcements happening such as Rambo and John McClane being revealed as surprise inclusions to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, a huge bundle is just the tip of the iceberg.

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When will Warzone’s M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle release?

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Some new light has been shed on the M.O.A.B bundle which suggests that the bundle won’t be coming out at all. According to COD Tracker, “To both our disappointment and likely yours, the M.O.A.B. is unlikely to release. It is simply a collection of unused assets that were not intended to be displayed in the Companion App.

We speculated that the bundle would’ve coincided with the launch of Warzone Season 3 Reloaded or with the beginning of Season 4. COD Tracker is a very reliable source of information regarding Warzone, so for the time being, we’ll have to assume that the M.O.A.B bundle will not see the light of day.

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What’s in the M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle in CoD?

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If you view the bundle on the Call of Duty store, you will see the name of the bundle, the price, and that’s it.

But COD Tracker has been able to reveal some facts about the mysterious M.O.A.B bundle:

  • “The M.O.A.B. has been in the Modern Warfare game files since its release in 2019.
  • The M.O.A.B. contains two items: 100 Tier Skips and an activation for the Modern Warfare Season One Battle Pass.
  • Many incomplete Bundles use the 10,000 COD Points price tag as a placeholder value until its price is determined.
  • The reliability of Bundles displayed in the Companion App is…less than ideal.”

As they explain, this doesn’t mean for 100% certain that it won’t happen, but you should go on the basis that this is a discontinued idea with placeholder information that has mistakenly made its way into the public eye.

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How much will the Warzone M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle cost?

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The graphic for the bundle indicates that players would have to part with a whopping 10,000 COD Points if they wanted to acquire this mysterious set of items.

As we’ve already covered, given how little content would actually have been in the bundle compared to the initial prospect, this price wouldn’t necessarily have reflected the real money required.

Details are obviously a bit ambiguous regarding the M.O.A.B Battle Pass bundle at the moment, so we will be updating this page with additional information once more is officially known about it.

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