How to find your Call of Duty: Warzone PR

Liam Mackay
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While your Warzone kill/death ratio and win rate are well and good, the ultimate bragging right is your Personal Record. Here’s how to check your PR for Season 4 and every season before.

Ultimately, the goal of a battle royale game is to be the last man standing and win. However, Warzone’s Call of Duty roots and fast-paced nature can make chasing those high-kill games even more rewarding than bringing home the win. That’s how the majority of competitive Warzone is played, after all.

While your K/D is an important stat, your PR is the ultimate bragging right; it’s a sign of how you chewed through a lobby and kept your cool under pressure.

Here’s how to check your PR in Warzone through the extremely useful website, WZRanked.

How to see your Warzone PR

Mara Operator fighting in Call of Duty Warzone

WZRanked is an excellent tool for checking everything you need to know about your Warzone stats. You can see all your usual stats such as K/D and win rate, but you can also see your Gulag win rate, which streamers you’ve played against, and your PR.

  • Head to
  • Enter your, PlayStation, or Xbox user ID to begin tracking
  • Make sure you’re on the ‘Individual Stats’ tab
  • Select ‘Modes’ from the bar at the top
  • Select the season you wish to view, or simply hit ‘All’ to see all previous seasons
  • You’ll see your ‘Max kills’ and ‘Kills record’ alongside your stats for each game mode

WZRanked clarified that the website may only be only truly accurate for the current season. If you have joined the website later, it may have incomplete data for previous seasons.

To fix this, you can join WZRanked’s Discord server and post the URL to the ‘seasons’ page in the #request-lifetime-data channel. They asked that you allow 48 hours for your request to be processed.

What is PR in Warzone?

Park Operator using FARA 83 in Warzone Verdansk '84

Your Warzone PR is your Personal Record – your best ever game. In Warzone, this is measured by the highest kills you’ve achieved in a single match. The top Warzone players are constantly trying to beat their PRs to make it onto the leaderboards, but it’s a fun thing to track no matter your skill level.

WZRanked separates your PRs into both your ‘Max Kills’ (the most kills you’ve achieved in a game) and ‘Kill Record’ (your most kills achieved in a won match). They believe that winning a game locks in the kill record, but have included both so you can see your highest kills no matter if you closed out the game or not.

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