How to complete Search & Seizure contracts in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 Search & Seizure contract

Warzone 2 Season 2’s Ashika Island has brought new features to the battle royale including the Search and Seizure contract. Here’s how you can complete the new contract.

When Season 2 went live in Warzone 2, new content was added to the Call of Duty title for players to enjoy, including the brand-new Ashika Island map which features new mechanics like the Restore Honour feature,

Another new feature that arrived with this Resurgence map is the Search and Seizure contract that allows players to earn some extra cash if they’re brave enough to take on the Shadow Company.

What are Warzone 2 Search & Seizure contracts?

The Search and Seizure contract in Warzone 2 tasks players with reclaiming a stolen vehicle after tracking down Shadow Company mercs and getting it to a designated drop-off point. Accepting the contract will mark the destination of the vehicle on your minimap.

Follow these steps to complete Warzone 2’s Search and Seizure contract on Ashika Island:

  1. Find and accept the Search and Seizure contract.
  2. Use your map to head to the approximate vehicle location.
  3. Take out Shadow Company forces near the vehicle until one of them drops a key.
  4. Use the key to claim the vehicle.
  5. Take the vehicle to the designated drop-off point.

The Warzone 2 vehicle you’ll have to reclaim will either be an SUV or a Patrol Boat. The Shadow Company will also target you with retaliatory airstrikes as you move your way to the drop-off point.

You will need to carefully avoid these attacks from the AI enemies until you reach the drop-off location. Successfully completing the contract will reward players with “Cash and other in-match rewards.”

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Image Credit: Activision