How to climb to the top of Array in Warzone’s Verdansk ’84

Andrew Highton
cod warzone season 3 array

The stunning backdrop of Array in Verdansk ’84 is no longer just an eye-pleasing spectacle as players can actually climb to the top, providing a top vantage point in Warzone Season 3.

Verdansk ’84 has made a few key differences that have helped it stand out over its previous form that is gone forever. Aside from Standoff, Summit, and other locations, Verdansk ’84 also has Array towering over the map.

The enormous Array is viewable from every corner of the map and it’s an incredible landmark in Verdansk ’84. However, it’s a landmark no more as players can actually grab some gear, and climb to the top of it.

cod warzone drop verdansk 84

YouTuber Thats_Frosty originally posted the method to their channel and it shows off a great, but risky, way of ensuring you can get to the very top of Array.

We say this is risky because you’ll potentially leave yourself exposed whilst attempting this, and if you fail, you’ll also be wasting some valuable time that could be better spent gathering supplies, cash, and UAVs.

In Thats_Frosty’s video, he begins by rappelling up Array and arriving in the usual spot to hop off. It then starts to become tricky very quickly.

From this point on, you’re required to perform a series of difficult jumps and maneuvers to slowly climb up. Some of the jumps need you to basically jump sideways and press the required button to climb back onto the narrow rail.

Check out the full video to see where you need to go and what to do.

Let it be said that this is not easy to pull off, and the difficulty means you probably won’t be able to do this every time.

If you are able to pull off this precise feat of movement manipulation, then you’ll be rewarded with not only the best view of Verdansk ’84 imaginable, but if you have a long-range weapon such as the Kar98k or HDR, then you have the perfect sniper’s nest.

Image credits: Activision