First look at new Warzone Verdansk 1980s revamp leaks in celebrity commercial

Keshav Bhat

A first look at what’s next for CoD Warzone has leaked via a celebrity commercial that was posted to Twitter.

The commercial, along with all accompanied videos of it, has since been deleted already. Activision has started to strike everyone and anything that tries to report on the actual images or videos itself. The video featured celebrities including Young Thug and Jack Harlow.

The leaked commercial give fans a first look at the next evolution of Verdansk in Warzone.

The commercial featured scenes showcasing the Verdansk map being ‘transformed’ into a 1980s version of itself. It looks almost like a version of Verdansk being rewinded back in time when things were still being built and pieced together.

The 1980s transformation comes as Activision looks to further bring the world of Cold War to life in Warzone.

We are unable to show you any images or videos from the leak in this article because of DMCA notice from Activision. The account that originally posted the video has also deleted it because of a DMCA request.

Verdansk 1980s

The newest, leaked commercial featured celebrities in a helicopter going through different areas of Verdansk as it transformed. The video focused on four key areas of the current Verdansk map, which are seeing major changes as it evolves into the Cold War era.

The locations included changes to the Stadium, Dam, Airport, and surrounding forestry currently in Verdansk. There were also some changes to Downtown.

In addition, the video also showcased the map in a very similar engine to the current Warzone, meaning we should not expect any engine changes.

The entire Stadium was transformed from the stadium into a wide open, under construction Stadium with only half of the area built with a crane in the other half continuing construction. It also showcased forest areas of the map changing to places with satellites and open towers.

The Dam was changed into a Bridge that connects the two areas, and the water was completely removed. The under part of it was wide open forest now, as it adds more to the overall map.

The commercial also showcased an underground rail area – 1980s themed, and a new Cold War-style plane in the Airport.

This one minute long trailer has been striked and removed from all areas online, as Activision is not ready to showcase the content yet. The trailer also looked to be still work in progress as there was no legal ratings or requirements in the entire video.

When will it release?

When this is supposed to launch remains to be seen, but if a commercial is in the final stages, then we should be expecting something soon. Season 3 of Warzone is expected on April 22, per the Battle Pass timer, and the countdown towards a ‘end’ has been teased by Activision for a while now.

VGC sources have stated that a ‘nuke event’ is set for April in Warzone. Zombies have been invading the map slowly but surely as the weeks of Season 2 have gone by.

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