FaZe Swagg transforms forgotten Warzone AR into deadly Sniper Rifle

Luca Di Marzo
Swagg Warzone Amax Sniper

FaZe Swagg has found a unique loadout that turns a forgotten Warzone AR into a Sniper Rifle that can dominate Caldera’s wide-open terrain in Season 2.

Warzone expert FaZe Swag claims that he’s discovered the 14th Sniper Rifle in Warzone by equipping a Sniper Scope to a fan-favorite Assault Rifle. While the loadout isn’t as user-friendly as Swagg’s previous loadouts, it sure does pack a punch.

Swagg puts this loadout to great use on Caldera and it’s clear to see how the Sniper Scope makes hitting distant targets on the massive map much easier. If you’re ready to test your aiming stability here’s what you need to know about the long-range loadout.

CR-56 Amax AR Warzone

The CR-56 AMAX certainly enjoyed a brief spell in the spotlight as Warzone’s most-used weapon. It was a well-liked weapon that was praised for its overall balance before it was nerfed into the ground in Season 3.

Swagg often revisits weapons of the past and this time he has succeeded in giving the CR-56 AMAX a new look. Thanks to the possibility of equipping a Sniper Scope, Swagg essentially transforms the AR into a deadly long-range Sniper Rifle.

FaZe Swagg’s long-range CR-56 Amax loadout

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: XRK Zodiac S440
  • Optic: Sniper Scope
  • Magazine: M67 10-R Mags
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

Of course, the Sniper Scope is the backbone of this loadout as it allows the CR-56 AMAX to transform into a Sniper Rifle. As Swagg states the Sniper Scope is quite a unique feature for an AR, “There’s not a lot of ARs that have a Sniper Scope on it”.

The unique attachments don’t stop there as the Warzone pro also opts for the M67 10-R Mags. This will only give you 10 bullets per magazine but thanks to the added damage and bullet velocity you’ll be able to kill enemies extremely quickly.

The trickiest aspect of utilizing this loadout successfully is keeping the recoil under control. You’ll get to aim this Assault Rifle at long-range targets as if it were a Sniper Rifle but it won’t be easy to hit targets. If you make your shots count, you’ll tear down enemies at a rapid pace.

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Image Credit: Activision / FaZe Swagg

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