Dr Disrespect begs Warzone devs to fix Solo matches: “They’re a miserable mess!”

Andrew Highton
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After some more questionable Warzone moments, Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV AKA Dr Disrespect has reaffirmed his opinion that Warzone Solo matches need some quality of life changes to improve it.

Dr Disrespect’s love/hate relationship with Warzone Season 3 continues on as he has once again lamented Warzone’s Solo game mode.

Citing issues with acquiring a loadout and issues with the game’s equipment, the problems caused the popular streamer to go off on the game multiple times – even slamming his desk in anger at one point.

dr disrespect streaming warzone

Taken from The2Time, a channel dedicated to clips from Dr Disrespect’s streams, the footage was ripped directly from one of his streams and showcased his range of emotions.

The anger begins when Dr Disrespect is killed by a player chasing him in another vehicle, and he goes on to say that “Solos are a miserable mess in this game, a miserable mess.”

About halfway through the video, we saw the Dr get killed by an apparently silent player, an issue he’s complained about before with camping being far more prevalent in Solos. In the heat of the moment or not, Dr Disrespect commented that the game was “on its last legs,” indicating that his time playing it Solo could be coming to an end.

He’s previously criticized how long it can take you to get your loadout in a game of Warzone. In the video, he said, “let’s wait another 30 minutes to get our loadout, let’s not make the game better, it’s common sense man!” Even though he’s exaggerating, it does again raise the point that getting a loadout takes much longer than in Duos, Trios, or Quads.

He also made a very bold call saying that Heartbeat Sensors should be removed: “I wish they would take Heartbeat Sensors out of this game champs, then I think that would separate the predictability or talent of people. Throwing this Heartbeat Sensor out, it’s just so much information.”

His misery was compounded when he threw a Stun Grenade at a window to try and blind the enemy inside, and instead, it bounced off of the glass and got the Dr killed.

He summed up his frustration by saying that, “Solos are so bad in this game.” Other annoyances have been pointed out by the Warzone community such as the request to remove “Big Berthas”, improve the audio, and the overabundance of Dead Silence and Stopping Power.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software