Crazy Warzone glitch lets players continuously fire Type 11 without reloading

Liam Mackay
Warzone operator firing Type 11

A new Warzone glitch is somehow allowing the Type 11 LMG to continuously fire bullets without the player ever having to reload.

LMGs have a major advantage over other weapon classes in that their huge belt-fed magazines allow them to put a ton of bullets downrange without having to reload.

However, a bizarre new Warzone glitch has taken this one step too far by allowing Vanguard’s Type 11 LMG to keep firing without the player ever having to reload.

Warzone Klauser 30 Round Hopper mags

The Bren has been dominating Warzone over the holidays, but thanks to this crazy new glitch, the Type 11 could be set to take its place.

Reddit user Remy363 showed off the issue, proving that the Type 11’s 8mm Klauser 30 Round Hopper Mags allow you to keep shooting without ever having to reload.

They explained that all you need to do is reload, but cancel the animation by rapidly switching weapons twice. As you can see in the clip below, it still registers the reload, so you can keep on shooting with practically no delay.

It remains to be seen how game-breaking this glitch will be. It will certainly be effective for taking out full squads and finishing off downed players, but you’ll burn through your ammunition incredibly fast if just hold down the trigger.

This Type 11 glitch joins a plethora of other game-breaking bugs such as the new wave of invisible skins and players being able to redeploy with their loadout. Raven have confirmed they’re aware of these issues, and it’s likely that the Type 11 glitch is on their radar now too.

Warzone will soon receive its mid-season update bringing across the Welgun, so stay tuned for the patch notes to see if Raven Software have nipped this issue in the bud.

Image Credit: Activision