Console Warzone players explain why they have a major disadvantage on Fortune’s Keep

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Operator in Fortune's Keep

The Fortune’s Keep map is proving to be popular among the Warzone community but the new island is putting console players at a serious disadvantage during battles.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 brought the new Fortune’s Keep map, and this island features a variety of fun easter eggs as well as numerous points of interest for players to battle each other in.

Players will face off against each other in fast-paced action after landing in Fortune’s Keep. While this can be fun, console players have noted that close-quarters combat on the map is extremely difficult for them.

Keep POI Fortune's Keep Warzone

Reddit user ‘FilthySaiyan’ explained in the Warzone subreddit that while the Fortune’s Keep map is fun to play on, it puts console players at a major disadvantage because of the limited FOV.

Having a high FOV setting will allow you to see more of your environment so that you can easily spot enemies. While PC players can use the FOV slider to raise this setting up to 120, PlayStation and Xbox players are stuck at 80 FOV.

The Redditor claimed that the FOV is worse on Fortune’s Keep than on other maps. Since you have to engage in fast-paced and close-quarters combat, being able to see your surroundings is extremely important. This gives PC players an unfair advantage on the map.

The commenters in this thread agreed that it’s unfair for PC players to have this advantage over those on consoles, with one user stating: “The fact remains it’s a competitive shooter, and the devs shouldn’t let one player base have something the other player base can’t have.”

The same user then suggested that the developers either remove the FOV slider from the PC version of Warzone or let console players have cross-play with other console users only.

byu/FilthySaiyan from discussion

Some of the other commenters gave suggestions for how console users can make playing on Fortune’s Keep feel more balanced even without an FOV slider. One of these suggestions was to adjust your audio settings.

One player wrote: “Dial in your audio settings to your liking. I’ve found since the audio fix midnight mode has helped me a lot with footsteps. Playing slower and more tactical helps also.”

byu/FilthySaiyan from discussion

While being able to adjust the FOV gives PC players an advantage when navigating through Fortune’s Keep, a few users claimed that the Redditor shouldn’t worry since they’ll mostly run into other console players.

According to one commenter, 95% of matches have “at most maybe 4 people on PC.” They claimed to have discovered this after checking a lobby’s player list to see which platform their opponents are playing on.

The Warzone devs stated that there are no plans to bring an FOV slider to last-gen console versions of the game, and players have been hoping to see it added in next-gen consoles. For now, console players will need to carefully move more slowly on Fortune’s Keep.

Warzone operators on Fortune's Keep

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