Best Warzone Pacific Caldera landing spots for wins & high-kill games

Liam Mackay
Warzone player dropping into Caldera

Warzone’s brand new map, Caldera, is finally here. This tropical paradise’s steep slopes and underground caves have changed how the game is played, so here are all of the best landing spots in Warzone Pacific Caldera, whether you’re looking for wins or high-kill games.

After playing in Verdansk for almost two years, Warzone players have had to adjust to the completely different experience that Caldera offers. Gone are the high-rise buildings and open fields, players now need to navigate steep hills, thick jungles, and underground cave systems.

Choosing your landing spot is vital to securing a Warzone Victory, so we’ve covered Caldera’s best landing spots, no matter what mode you’re playing.

Best Warzone Caldera landing spot for Solo players


Warzone Pacific Caldera Lagoon POI

The key to surviving in Warzone solos is knowing where other players are, meaning you can’t get ambushed. One of the best places to do this is Lagoon, where the lighthouse will allow you to control the area.

Landing at Lagoon’s lighthouse will give you an overview of the surrounding area, so you can see exactly where all of the other enemies have landed. And because you only have the coast behind you, it’s unlikely you’ll be shot in the back when rotating into the center of the map.

You can also use the underground cave systems to stealthily move around the Lagoon and creep up on any enemies who are busy looting.

Best Warzone Caldera landing spot for Duos players

Sub Pen

Warzone Pacific Caldera Submarine Pen POI

While the Sub Pen building is massive, there are plenty of close-range areas that perfectly suit the Duos mode.

The roof is often the busiest part of the Sub Pen, so you can land here if you’re keen on taking a quick fight. However, the inside is bursting with weapons and cash. Either glide through one of the rooftop hatches or go through one of the side doors and you’ll come away with more cash than you’ll know what to do with.

And rotating out of Sub Pen isn’t too difficult as there are vehicles dotted around and plenty of buildings and other landmarks to mask your escape.

Best Warzone Caldera landing spot for Trios & Quads


Warzone Pacific Caldera Mines POI

Teamwork is key in Trios and Quads games, so you want to land in an area that allows you to stick together and collect a ton of loot. Mines has plenty of large buildings that your squad can navigate through, and plenty of open sightlines where you can pick off any player caught out in the open.

Once you’ve cleared out Mines, you’ll already be in the center of the map and will have plenty of high-tier loot to survive until the loadout drop. If you’re lucky with the circle, controlling Mines will make you one of the most dominant forces on the map.

Best Warzone Caldera landing spots for high-kills games


Warzone Pacific Caldera Peak POI

Peak is one of the busiest spots in Caldera, essentially becoming the new Superstore, so it’s the place to go if you’re looking for high-kill games.

Not only is Peak Caldera’s highest point, but it’s also slap-bang in the middle of the map – meaning you can glide to almost any other POI.

Because of this, tons of players flock to this area as soon as the game starts. If you manage to survive, you’ll come away with several kills to your name and can rotate to almost any other area.


Warzone Pacific Caldera Airfield POI

Airfield is another solid choice if you’re looking to get as many kills as possible, thanks to its abundance of vehicles.

The Airfield sees several squads drop in every round, but it’s not as chaotic as Peak. There are plenty of buildings and hangars for you to loot up, then you can use one of the planes or vehicles to move out and hunt down any nearby players or squads.

And those are all of the best landing spots in Warzone Pacific’s Caldera! But feel free to experiment with all of the POIs on offer and you may find a personal favorite.

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Image Credit: Activision

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