Vanguard Zombies player finds game-breaking unlimited ammo exploit

Liam Mackay
Vanguard player fighting Zombie

Vanguard Zombies finally received a major content drop with the mid-season 1 update, but players have uncovered a new exploit where the powerful Death Machine gets unlimited ammo.

Vanguard’s Zombies mode didn’t exactly receive a positive reaction from the community, with many criticizing its “embarrassing” lack of content. But, the developers added the classic Shi No Numa map in the mid-Season 1 update and confirmed that “multiple Wonder Weapons” will arrive in Season 2.

But in the meantime, a Vanguard player has found a game-breaking unlimited ammo exploit, where you can use the Death Machine to tear through hordes of the undead seemingly forever.

Zombies in Vanguard's Der Anfang map

Vanguard’s Death Machine is a powerful Killstreak that acts much like a mini-gun, unleashing 150 rounds of incredibly powerful explosive rounds at your enemies – making short work of any Zombies in your path.

Usually, once you’ve used up all of your Death Machine rounds you need to go back to your regular weapons. But, a game-breaking new glitch allows players to keep their Death Machine seemingly forever.

Reddit user forengeis11 posted the glitch to the Zombies subreddit, showing that just when their Death Machine was about to run out of ammo, they put it away, took it out again, and the ammo had refilled.

We see them doing this multiple times on Der Anfang, swapping to the Combat Shield and back each time. We’re unsure whether the Combat Shield causes this glitch or something else entirely.

One user commented, “literally all you have to do is swap weapons… this game is a mess.” Another said that Cold War had a similar glitch for a while before getting patched out.

Whether this glitch is a one-time thing or is easily replicated remains to be seen, but you’ll simply fly through the Vanguard Zombies rounds with ease if it happens to you.

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Image Credit: Activision