Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded Ranked Play update: Rewards, party restrictions, UI improvement

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Ranked Play Operators Vanguard

Vanguard players who have been enjoying Ranked Play will be able to earn some brand-new rewards via the Season 2 Reloaded update alongside several improvements to the competitive mode.

Although it took some time to receive Vanguard Ranked Play, players have taken to the competitive mode quite well. Despite some minor setbacks, players are enjoying the ELO-based system as it offers an incentive to climb up the ranks.

Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded is tempting players once more with exclusive rewards and bragging rights up for grabs. The update will also provide party restriction alterations and UI improvements.

Ranked Play party restrictions & UI improvements

Ranked Play Operator Vanguard

It seems Treyarch are listening to player feedback as they will be loosening the restrictions around how players can party up in Ranked Play. Players from different Skill Divisions will now be able to party up and climb the ranks together.

Here’s a breakdown of how the new restrictions will work:

  • Players in Master & Challenger can form parties with players up to one adjacent Skill Division away.
  • Players in Elite can form parties with players up to two adjacent Skill Divisions away.
  • Players below Elite can party up without restrictions and can party with players who haven’t yet completed their Seasonal Skill Evaluation matches.
  • Party Restriction rules are determined by the highest Skill Division represented in the party.

Those who enjoy Ranked Play will also be able to view their Rank, Rewards, and Skill Division in one place thanks to UI improvements. The update will introduce the “My Career & Rewards” menu which will make it easier to track your progress.

Ranked Play Season 2 Reloaded rewards

For starters, Treyarch is planning on releasing the exclusive Top 250 Skill Division. As the name suggests this new Ranked Play Division will highlight the 250 best players in the world. Every player will be able to view the full list of the 250 best and we’re sure you’ll notice some stars from the CDL on the list.

Vanguard Players will be able to earn some brand-new rewards by earning Ladder Placements and completing Win Challenges. Here are the rewards up for grabs in Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded:

  • Ranked Legend Solange Operator skin
  • Two Pro Issue Blueprints
  • Two Weapons Camos
  • Two Weapon Charms
  • Exclusive Spray, Sticker, & Emblem

The Solange Operator Skin can be earned by “winning 25 games in the Master Skill Division or higher.”

According to Treyarch this content will be available in Ranked Play as of March 22 but keep in mind that Season 2 Reloaded content is set to hit Vanguard a day later on March 23.

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