Vanguard players slam “dumbest perk ever added to Call of Duty” giving players wallhacks

Liam Mackay
Piercing Vision Perk in CoD Vanguard

Vanguard players are completely fed up with the Piercing Vision perk, which they’ve said is as good as wallhacks and is the “dumbest perk ever added to Call of Duty.”

Perks offer Call of Duty players different superhuman abilities such as taking less damage from explosives, having completely silent footsteps, and with Piercing Vision, seeing enemies through walls.

Piercing Vision falls under Perk 2 and makes it so that “Sufficiently suppressed targets will be highlighted for a short time, rendering them visible through walls and obscuring effects.” Losing patience with its power and prevalence, Vanguard players have called it the “dumbest” CoD Perk ever.

Piercing vision perk in CoD Vanguard

While previous CoD games have had similar Perks, many players have taken issues with how Piercing Vision works specifically. Unlike Warzone’s Combat Scout, you don’t even have to hit the enemy to highlight them through walls – simply shoot nearby and you’ll be able to see them through the wall.

‘Doner’ revealed just how powerful Piercing Vision is on Vanguard’s subreddit, saying that they “may as well have wallhacks.” In the first clip, they take down six players just by shooting them through walls as they’re highlighted.

Many players joined the comment section to slam the perk, with ‘Toastinette’ saying they “hope MW22 will get rid of this stupid perk.”

‘NoDivide2582’ took to the time to make their own Reddit post, calling Piercing Vision “completely and utterly unnecessary” and “by far the dumbest perk ever added into Call of Duty.”

Even with all of the complaints, there were still players who jumped to Piercing Vision’s defense. “It’s a perk, if you don’t like it counteract it with dauntless,” said one user. “It’s not the best perk in that category anyway.”

Most comments in its defense were around the fact you can just counter it by running Dauntless, but Mitch_D23 said: “Forcing the use of a crutch perk like dauntless is the literal definition of unbalanced game design.”

Sledgehammer Games have reworked Perks in the past, so it’s possible that Piercing Vision will see some tweaks as the seasons go on. Perhaps in the mid-Season 2 update which is expected later this month.

Image Credit: Activision

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