Vanguard players name worst multiplayer maps

Nathan Warby
Sub Pens in CoD Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard launched with an impressive 20 multiplayer maps to its name. Some were always going to be better received than others, and fans have named the maps they dislike the most in this year’s game.

A Call of Duty game is only as good as its maps. Luckily, Vanguard launched with a total of 20 maps, four of which are Champion Hill-exclusive, that have been mostly well-received.

But with every CoD title, are there always going to be some maps that strike fear into your party and cause a swift return to the lobby to search again.

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Just a few weeks since Vanguard hit shelves – fans have already named the maps that they think are the worst in this year’s game.

Red Star in CoD Vanguard

Reddit user AdLogical1337 kickstarted the debate, and two maps, in particular, consistently came up as the worst maps in Vanguard.

Red Star was the first, with players calling it “unnecessarily massive” compared to the rest of the lineup.

“Red Star was the weakest map in the beta for me and I’m still not a big fan of it,” said one player. “You either get popped out in the open by window campers or camp in the houses.”

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Others mentioned the large “no man’s land” area in the center, which offers “no incentive” to go through it. They felt that the action is always on one side, making it less tactical than the size would suggest.

However, despite the dislike of Red Star, Sub Pens appears to be even more feared by the community.

“Sub Pens is by far my least favorite map. I just can’t wrap my mind around the sightlines there,” said one user. “I feel like I just have no idea who can see me and from where, no matter where I am.”

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Others likened the map to Modern Warfare 2’s Sub Base, which they believe is a superior version to Sub Pens.

Similar to Red Star, a common issue with Sub Base seems to be that the fighting takes place in one spot. Many players noted that they only head to the office block side and ignore the other lanes.

So there you have it, those are maps that the CoD community thinks are the worst in Vanguard so far. What’s your least favorite map? Be sure to let us know on our socials.

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