Vanguard players furious as camo challenges are even harder in Season 3

Liam Mackay
atomic camo on vanguard nikita avt

Vanguard had some of the most time-consuming camo challenges Call of Duty players had ever seen, and even though they’ve been made easier as time goes on, Season 3’s Nikita AVT has the hardest challenge yet.

Every year, the first thing Call of Duty players do is immediately jump on the camo grind, trying to get the prestigious Mastery Camo as soon as possible. Vanguard was a particularly tough launch for camo grinders, with each gun having 70 levels to grind and several broken challenges.

Things have got much easier as time goes on but Season 3’s new Nikita AVT has one of the most time-consuming and difficult challenges yet, and players are furious.

vanguard player using season 3 nikita avt assault rifle

We’re now at the stage in Vanguard’s lifecycle where many players only have a few weapons left to complete, and many use each season’s new weapons to get one step closer. However, the Nikita AVT might not be worth players’ time just yet.

Each gun’s camo challenges task players with getting five kills without dying 30 times, but the Nikita AVT asks players to do this 100 times — more than triple what every other gun asks.

30 Bloodthirsty Medals is one of the challenges Vanguard players hate most, with one player calling 30 a “ridiculous jump” from the five that Black Ops 3 and 4 asked for.

Reddit user CairanONeill381 pointed out the new camo challenge, sarcastically saying: “Thanks Sledgehammer for more than tripling the 5 kill count on the new AR!”

“It’s over 3x the amount. And 30 was too much to begin with,” said samp127. “I don’t think I could take having to do 100 [Bloodthirsties],” said another.

It’s very unlikely that Sledgehammer Games intended for the camo challenge to be this time-consuming and difficult. As several players pointed out, the Mosin 3-Line Rifle had the same issue before it was eventually swapped to prone kills.

If you can wait until the next patch, we wouldn’t recommend completing all 100 bloodthirsty kills just yet. It should be adjusted to the usual 30 kills soon, so don’t do any more than that just yet.

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Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games