Vanguard players explain how completely revamping Camo system could make CoD more fun

Hamza Khalid
Atomic Camo in Vanguard

CoD Vanguard players are calling for the developers to bring a massive overhaul to the Camo progression system that they claim will make the game more fun.

While Call of Duty Mastery Camos can be extremely fun, Vanguard players have been facing difficulties with Camos not unlocking. It also doesn’t help that each weapon has 70 levels to grind, and the Launcher challenges have been notoriously difficult.

While the developers have tried to improve this by making the Launcher challenges easier, players are requesting a major overhaul to the camo progression system that would make earning Camos more fun.

Atomic camo in Vanguard

Reddit user ‘DanHarkinz’ expressed their frustration with completing challenges for each weapon Camo in Vanguard and asked the developers to bring back one of two systems from older Call of Duty titles.

The first method that Dan suggested was the money system from Black Ops that was based on your prestige. Players that reached at least prestige 14 would be awarded the best unlocks in the game.

This would cost 50,000 of the in-game currency that you could earn through contracts and challenges. Dan also suggested bringing back the system from Modern Warfare 3 that would let players unlock the Mastery camo after leveling up their gun to 31.

Many of the commenters in the thread were on board with this suggestion, and one user bluntly claimed that it would make Vanguard into a “better game.” Another player wrote: “You should be able to complete Camo challenges by just naturally using the weapons.”

The Vanguard developers are aware of the problems with the Mastry Camo unlock requirements, so it’s possible that they might implement a system similar to the one suggested in this Reddit thread.

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Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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