Vanguard players claim it’s “impossible” to take down Spy Planes after accidental buff

Liam Mackay
Spy Plane in CoD Vanguard

Launchers are one of Vanguard’s most difficult weapons to unlock Mastery Camos for, and Sledgehammer Games attempted to make the grind easier with the February 22 update. However, it seems this change has made shooting them down even harder.

Every year, Call of Duty players spend hours upon hours grinding out all of the weapon camos to unlock the elusive Mastery Camo. Vanguard’s Atomic has been one of the most time-consuming yet, with a number of bugs and glitches slowing players down.

The devs have been working on making Launcher camos easier, but an effort to make Spy Planes easier to shoot down appears to have backfired with players now calling them “impossible to hit.”

Call of Duty Vanguard plane hangar

Vanguard’s devs adjusted the Spy Plane in the February 22 update to give players more time to shoot them down. They enter and exit the play space “significantly faster” to give players more time to shoot them down. However, they actually maintain this speed for the duration of their flight.

Reddit user ‘Itonicj’ showed off how the Spy Planes used to act, where they had perfected the art of shooting them down. However, immediately noticing the accidental buff, they said that it’s now “impossible to hit them at that speed.”

‘TheBigKahuna315’ showed off how they are after the February 22 update, where it’s flying past at roughly double the speed and higher in the sky.

Frustrated by the change, one user explained that “I’m literally 27 out of 30 and it’s damn near impossible to hit one now.” TheBigKahuna said they did manage to hit one in the end, but it “required a sh*t ton of leading my shot in order to even come close.”

Sledgehammer’s goal was to make Spy Planes easier to hit, so it’s likely they’ll either revert or fix the change so that they’re flying at their intended speed. They haven’t addressed it on their Trello board of known issues yet, but we can expect a fix in a future patch.

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Image Credit: Activision

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