Vanguard’s Ranked Play mode: Skill Divisions, Ratings, rewards & matchmaking rules

Matt Porter
Players running in Vanguard

Ranked Play is officially back in Vanguard, the mode officially releasing on February 17. Here’s everything you need to know about the mode, including details on Skill Divisions, ELO system, rewards, and matchmaking rules.

Call of Duty has always had a large competitive community, with fans jumping into League Play to test their skills, and compete in matches just like those seen in the Call of Duty League.

While frustration has been rampant surrounding the esports side of the game, including the decision not to include a ranked playlist in Vanguard at launch, excitement for Ranked Play is at an all-time high following the start of CDL 2022.

Thankfully, we already know for sure that Ranked Play is on the way, and thanks to the new Season 2 roadmap, we have all the details.

CoD: Vanguard Ranked Play relased after delay

Vanguard Ranked Play Beta art

Vanguard players were disappointed to hear that Ranked Play’s release had been delayed on February 17, with Treyarch stating they had discovered a “stat-breaking issue” that needed to be addressed before people jumped into the mode.

Thankfully, the devs were able to fix the problem quickly and dropped the mode late on February 17, which means that Ranked Play is now live on all platforms.

Vanguard Ranked Play ELO system, Skill Divisions & Ratings

Vanguard Ranked Play Skills Division

In a recent video explaining how Vanguard’s Ranked Play will work, the devs confirmed that this mode will adhere to an ELO system that will track individual Skill Rating (SR). Kills and individual performance will help boost your SR but winning or losing matches will ultimately have the biggest impact on your SR.

Ranked Play will focus on delivering a 4v4 experience with the authentic CDL ruleset in place. As they gain Skill Rating, players will maneuver through seven Skill Divisions with five tiers each in an attempt to prove they’re the best.

Initially, players will be asked to complete five placements matches before being tied to one of the seven divisions. Interestingly enough, a Ranked Play leaderboard will showcase the 250 best players in the world, so get to climbing the ladder if you want to taste that glory!

To help you climb the Skill Divisions, you can check out the best loadouts to use in Ranked Play.

Vanguard Ranked Play Rewards

Vanguard Ranked Play rewards

Players will also earn various rewards for their efforts in Vanguard’s Ranked game mode. Those who reach the two highest skill divisions in Vanguard Ranked Play will earn exclusive rewards which can be used in both Vanguard and Warzone.

Here’s a breakdown of Ranked Play rewards and how to earn them:

  • Earn a Calling Card and Emblem every 5 Ranks.
  • Reach Rank 50 to unlock the Ranked Royalty Solange Operator Skin, an animated Calling Card, and Emblem.
  • At the end of each season, earn an animated Emblem that celebrates your highest Skill Division that season.
  • Unlocked rewards can be used in both Vanguard and Warzone.
  • Additional Ranked Play Rewards such as Weapon Blueprints, Camos, Charms, a Master Skill Division Operator Skin, and more are coming in-season.
  • Each additional Ranked Play season will feature a new set of exclusive rewards to earn.

Ranked Play Matchmaking Rules

CDL Vanguard menu

Sledgehammer provided additional details concerning Ranked Play in a patch notes update on February 17. The patch notes indicate that players who disconnect or quit matches will receive a Ladder Points deduction.

Repeated Friendly Fire will also result in penalties and suspensions. These rules are enforced to ensure that Ranked Play is as smooth an experience as can be.

  • Challenger & Master Players: Parties must be within 500 SR.
  • Elite & Expert Players: Parties must be within 1000 SR.
  • Advanced, Specialist & Contender Players: No Party Restrictions.
  • Players in Expert or higher may not form Parties with players who haven’t yet completed their Seasonal Skill Evaluation Matches.

With Ranked Play officially here, make sure you’ve got the right settings with our best PC, audio, and controller settings guides.

Image Credits: Activision