CoD: Vanguard players claim mini-map is worse than Modern Warfare’s

Joseph Pascoulis
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With Call of Duty fans finally being able to experience gameplay with the Vanguard Beta, some players feel the mini-map has taken a few steps back from what it was in Modern Warfare 2019.

For those that don’t know, Call of Duty: Vanguard is the upcoming installment for the FPS franchise that uses the same engine that Infinity Ward used for Modern Warfare (2019).

By using the same engine, the game has retained many similarities, especially with how the mini-map works.

Unfortunately, some players are claiming the mini-map is worse in Call of Duty: Vanguard due to various new additions.

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Modern Warfare made huge changes to the classic Call of Duty mini-map back in 2019, causing a huge amount of controversy within the community. Many were unhappy with the change, which essentially changed the way players read the mini-map by preventing red dots from appearing when firing unsilenced weapons.

Although players could use the compass to see the direction of the enemies firing without a silenced weapon, this wasn’t as effective as the dots showing up on the mini-map, leaving those who had been playing Call of Duty for years confused at the change.

To a lot of players’ disappointment, Call of Duty: Vanguard is following the same system, but with the addition of a new perk and change in how suppressors work, players like Hayashii are claiming it is even worse.

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Although the game makes it seem that the situation is better than in MW 2019 with the Radar perk, “which basically transforms the minimap into the old version, “Reddit user Hayashii believes it is actually worse.

In the Reddit post by Hayashii, the player claims the mini-map situation is worse in the Vanguard Beta due to three things:

  • “Supressors and Subsonic Ammo”
  • “The Counter Spy Plane”
  • “Ghost and the Personal Radar”

Firstly, the player tested the Subsonic Ammo and Suppressors, which to their surprise, both hide the player’s fire from appearing on the mini-map, even when someone has a spy plane or the Radar perk.

This is odd, especially as many thought suppressors this year were going to work differently, and Subsonic Ammo was going to be the only way to keep off the mini-map. The post claims this will make the mini-map situation worse as there are now multiple options to hide from the map, making the Radar perk almost useless as most players will be running one of these attachments.

Further, the post also points towards the Counter Spy Plane being another issue that makes the mini-map situation worse, as in Vanguard it has “a duration of about 65 seconds.” This is very long for a Counter Spy Plane, especially considering how easy it is to get. This would mean that “if 4 people get a Counter Spy Plane in a TDM match for example, it’s already 4m20s of that match without your minimap.”

Lastly, Ghost is unlocked at level 1, meaning a lot of players will be using it on release and throughout their playtime as they will have peace of mind knowing they can’t be tracked on the radar. This means the mini-map’s effectiveness will be even less, concluding why this player believes the mini-map is the worse it’s ever been in Vanguard.

The post contains a lot of detail and even some suggestions for how Sledgehammer Games can resolve the situation by tweaking the perks, streaks, and attachments stated above.

Infinity Ward stuck to their guns when it came to the mini-map change. Still, with the recent interaction Sledgehammer has been having with the community, perhaps this development team will listen to the players and make some changes.

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Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision

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